Who is giving the goal umpires sore arms?


Who is giving the goal umpires sore arms?

June 11, 2021


Harrison Bell

Who is kicking our goals in 2021?

The key to winning games of football is kicking goals.

After seven rounds, here are the top goal scorers from each OXFC team.

A special mention to Harrison Bell from the Under 19 Premier team, who has booted 38 goals including 11 in R2, which puts him comfortably at the top of his section's goal kicking table.

He leads all Old Xaverians in goals so far this season.

The bustling, burly rookie has proven a handful for opposition players and looks set for a few more bags once football resumes next week.

The Crocs' Josh Lyon sits atop the leader board in Thirds Section 1.

Plenty of others are headed for prolific seasons in front of the big sticks.

With all teams still a good shot of playing finals, there'll be plenty of opportunities to keep those flags waving.

Here's to this group snagging many more in 2021 and beyond!

Men's Premier Section: OX is 2nd

Michael Batten: 7 games 13 goals

Rohan Bewick: 4 games 13 goals

Leaders: Julian Dobosz - Caulfield Grammarians and Kieran Harper - University Blues. Both 6/16

Men's Premier Reserves: OX is 1st

Tom Simmons: 7 games, 15 goals

Matthew Handley: 5 games, 14 goals.

Leader: William Stewart- Old Scotch 6/17

Women's Premier 1s: OX is 5th

Brodi Harris: 5 games, 7 goals

Leader: Cecilia Baldassarre - Marcellin OC -7/16

Women's Premier 2s: OX is 5th

Hannah Barwick: 7 games, 10 goals

Isabella Villani: 6 games, 7 goals

Leader: Madeleine Pattison - St Kevins 7/19

Men's U19 Premier: OX is 2nd

Harrison Bell: 7 games, 38 goals - Leader

Other: Tyler Sellers - Old Scotch - 7 games, 17 goals

Men's U19 2s: OX is 2nd

Declan Fitzgerald: 5 games, 16 goals

Charlie Knott: 4 games, 11 goals

Leader: Jack Caspersz - Mazenod - 6/27

Men's U19 3s: OX is 2nd

Finbar Jenkins: 4 games, 16 goals

Leader: Harry Laukens - Old Camberwell 7 games, 29 goals

U23s: OX is 3rd

Ed Ralph: 6 games, 20 goals

Leader: Alex Crowe - Old Geelong - 7 games, 27 goals

Menages: OX is 2nd

Michael Cain: 6 games, 18 goals

Josh Hanger: 7 games, 9 goals

Leader: Jack Otter - Old Scotch 7 games, 24 goals

Crocs: OX is 1st

Joshua Lyon: 7 games, 21 goals, Leader

Luke Cotchett: 4 games, 14 goals