A Century of the Red & Black

Player Insurance

All of our players are insured year round through Marsh, which is the insurer for all AFL community clubs including those in the VAFA.

Our club takes out the top level Platinum coverage, to a total cost for the club in the range of $15K per year.

At present, we DO NOT cover loss of income. Although not perfect, it is the best possible cover we can currently provide.

This cover allows 90% reimbursement on claims of up to $7,500 max. with a $50 excess per claim.

This insurance covers only expenses that cannot be claimed on Medicare.

You can find more information about the coverage here and download the policy here

In the unfortunate event you need to claim, you can download and print the personal injury claim form.

Other parties - e,g., your medical practitioner, a club official and/or witness - will need to complete relevant sections before submission to Marsh.

As always, we highly recommend that all players take out private health insurance and ambulance cover.

If you are under 25, you might be covered under your parents' private health insurance policy.

Please check with your parents to see if this is the case.

You can download the claim form here