A Century of the Red & Black


Our wellbeing game plan is to create a safe and inclusive environment that enables Players, Coaches, Support Staff to optimise their contribution to others and to achieve their personal goals, both on and off the field

This is achieved by:

  • Adherence to Club and VAFA Policies (refer Football tab of this website)
  • Accessing a comprehensive suite of wellbeing resources via our Wellbeing Directory

Wellbeing Support

We have established off-field support to access professional services and a suite of resources via:

  • Counselling Services – health and well being: Converge International
  • On line Resources – Physical& Mental Health and Career information
  • Confidential Well Being Point of Contact – Paul Lefebvre (0408 036 046)
  • Our Health and Well Being focus is to enable access to professional support and resources for: Anxiety, Depression, Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling, Personal Relationship issues

We also aim to reduce the social stigma of mental health via our community partnership with Beyond Blue

Wellbeing Summary