Old Xaverians Football Club Player WellBeing Policy

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Old Xaverians Football Club is committed to offering off-field support to our players by providing access to information, materials and support to assist them in player health, wellbeing, employment and education.

Through the player wellbeing policy, players can seek support on any issues, such as:

  • Employment and education
  • Gambling
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Financial matters
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Personal relationships

Player WellBeing Policy

Policy Objective and Intent

To provide an environment for all players at the Old Xaverians Football Club to be valued and supported in their on-field endeavours and off field well-being, by having access to information, materials and support to enable them to take responsibility for their decision and their actions on and off the field.

Specifically, this objective aims to provide information for our players to consider in the areas of health and well-being, career and further education planning.

The intent of the club's commitment, through the actions of our stakeholders, is to maintain the Jesuit ethos of support for others in need, in order to enhance the wellbeing of our players and the reputation of our football Club.

Player WellBeing Stakeholders

Our Players

To feel confident that they can seek assistance by engaging with club officials knowing that their well-being needs will be treated in line with our Code of Conduct and the Player Well-being Policy. While players will be provided access to information and resources, it is their individual responsibility to optimise the use of this support.

Our Committee and Management

To be available as points of contact for our players by providing information and access to resources to assist individual player well-being issues in line with our Code of Conduct and the Player Wellbeing Policy.

Our Coaches and Team Management

To encourage Players, under their direction, that they are accessible as initial points of contact for individual player well-being needs. To be aware and observe any player issues or concerns that may benefit via further engagement with the Player Wellbeing Committee Representative or other members of the OXFC Committee or OXFC Management.

Our Club Sponsors

To be available to engage with OXFC Management and Committee Representatives to consider specific well-being issues, such as job opportunities, that may benefit individual players resulting from their additional support.

Our Player Families

To be willing and able to engage with Club Committee Representatives, Club Management, Coaches and Team Management where they may require to seek assistance.

Player WellBeing: Resources and Information

Central to the effectiveness of providing well-being support to our players will be easy access to information and resources for player use in the areas of health, well being, employment and education needs.

Ideally our resources and information are designed to encourage not only player use but also player responsibility in utilising the information for its intended purpose. That is, while the club is committed to provide support to our players, our players must also accept that they have a responsibility by their own actions if they are to optimize the information and resources available to support their wellbeing.

Our players may access information in the well being areas of:

  • Employment and Education
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Gambling
  • Financial Matters
  • Personal Relationships

Any queries regarding this policy may be directed to our General Manager or the Player Well-being Representative of the Committee.

Policy Content Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the Player Well-being representative of the Committee to maintain the content contained within the policy and update information and resource materials in line with OXFC Committee protocol.

Player Insurance

As part of our commitment to supporting the well being of our players, both on an off the field, it is important to clarify the extent to which all players are covered by the insurance coverage made available by the club.

The extent of insurance coverage is limited and all players are recommended to consider additional, personal insurance coverage, if they believe the limited cover available does not adequately their future needs.

At present, all players are covered by the following VAFA Insurance Programme:

Player Injury & Accident:

Medical expenses up to $2,000, Paraplegia/Quadriplegia $1,000,000, Accidental Death and loss of use $100,000

This means that there is no cover for loss of income/wages or ambulance coverage.

The clubs capacity to pay the insurance premium is funded, in part, from player subscriptions each season. It is important to note that player subscriptions also contribute significantly to football club apparel (both on and off field) as well as our registration to be affiliated with the VAFA.

Clearly without the significant financial assistance of our sponsors and fund raising activities we would not be able to field our 7 teams to meet the costs associated with participating in the VAFA.

Therefore, the OXFC Committee has taken a decision to encourage all players to consider subscribing to appropriate private health insurance, ambulance cover and income protection, where necessary.

This decision has been taken to minimise increasing costs to Player Subscriptions, which would be required in the event that further medical/injury top cover insurance was to be paid by the club.

You may wish to contact Honan Insurance, a sponsor of the Old Xavs, for further personal insurance information.

Further Information

Old Xaverians Football Club provides an environment for all our players to be valued and supported in their on-field endeavours and off field well-being, by having access to information, materials and support to enable them to take responsibility for their decision and their actions on and off the field.

Important Contact Numbers . . . 

Anxiety and Depression - BEYONDBLUE - 1300 224 636