R5: Another Stradbroke Sweep


R5: Another Stradbroke Sweep

May 8, 2021

The trio of Thirds teams returned to Stradbroke Park on Saturday and scooped another 12 premiership points.


Stinger Stanley was best afield and Ed Ralph slotted eight goals as the Red 'n' Blacks raged against the Lions. Eleven players drew twin calicos in the massive win.

The nine-goal second stanza was a thing to behold, as the 23s returned to the winners' circle.

Goal Kickers: E. Ralph 8, T. Barbakos 4, M. Speakman 3, J. Cowell 2, L. Telford 2, G. Lachal, P. Nunan, E. Barr, S. Stanley, C. Niall, N. Jane
Best Players: S. Stanley, E. Ralph, J. Lowe, A. Lamanna, M. Speakman


Michael "Zulu" Cain kicked seven and David Nash got the votes as the Menages crushed Uni Blacks. The visitors didn't score in the first and didn't kick a goal until the last as the 'Nages outpointed their opponents across the ground.

The unbeaten Menages sit in second spot with a big game against the third-placed, one-loss Old Scotch next week.

Goal Kickers: M. Cain 7, A. Sorrenti 3, J. Buffon 2, J. Hanger 2, H. Nidam, J. Bueno, N. Lefebvre
Best Players: D. Nash, S. Franklyn, H. Nidam, M. Cain, A. Sorrenti, D. Pasquariello


The 'Diles, playing on a six-day break, had to scrap against the Roy Boys. Trailing at the half, the Crocs' third term put them in front and they withstood the challenge in the final stanza. The Green Sox are in second spot and meet unbeaten DLS on the road next week.

Goal Kickers: L. Cotchett 3, J. Lyon 3, J. Ryan, M. Perrett, C. Kim
Best Players: D. Jones, J. Smith, H. Reed, H. Aikman, L. Cotchett, L. Doquile


U23 and Menages Round 5