A Century of the Red & Black


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The Old Xaverians won their first post-war premiership in 1948, defeating Brunswick in a heart-stopper. Their return to A Grade was celebrated with a heart-starter or two at a smoke social.

Ruckman Peter Peppard, 25, stood 6' 3" and weighed in at a svelte 13 stone 3 lbs (84kg).  He recalled:

"We won B Section after winning all three finals by less than 10 points.  I carried a knee injury into the finals and that "buggered" the rest of my career.

Some who played in that team:  Peter Murphy(captain), Esmond Downey,  John Tiernan,  J. Pirrie , B. Gaynor , B & G Laird, L. Clareborough.

"In the prelim, Xavs beat Balwyn and best were Brendan Dooley and Jim Ralph," said the Amateur Footballer, ". . . played his usual wide and dashing game, creating havoc amongst the opposition."

The team arranged for a photographer to take a picture before the Grand Final but some players showed up late, and they just ran out on to the field instead.

Rumour has it that Peter Murphy's Dad took a video of it all, but no one ever saw it!