A Century of the Red & Black


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World War II

It was only a matter of time before the expansionism of Nazi Germany and Japan hit home.  The 1940 season began in uncertainty and ended mid-season.  

Amateur football would not return until 1946.  When it did, only 25 of the 40 clubs that had competed in 1939 made their return.

Many Old Xaverians players served in the military during the war, and some never returned from foreign fields.  Many did come back to play again or for the first time.

VAFA records of the time indicate the participation and sacrifice of those who had represented the Old Xavs' prior to the war.  

Killed: Murray Charles Davies, John Drake, Herman Patrick Hoppe, William McCormack, Richard Pirrie, Eric Schrader, William Sheahan.  

Service: W Ashby, J C Bray, A D Buxton, A Carlin, J W Casey, J K Farey, H Fennell, F Higginbotham, T Kelly, J McCaffrey, H A McFadgen, H K McCarthy, K McDavitt, M O'Connell, E Ryan, J Rawson, F Scognamillo, T J Russell, A R Sheahan, W Stutt DFC, R Walker, N Younes.