A Century of the Red & Black


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The OXFC was rocked mid-season with the sudden passing of the Xavier Rector and club Patron, Fr Frost. Since arriving at Xavier in 1924, Fr Frost had displayed outstanding loyalty to the club, attending almost every match and openly promoting the benefits of the club among his pupils at the College. That year too saw the untimely death of club stalwart Len Cass.

On a brighter note, new club secretary J Madden reported:

“. . . one of the greatest factors in the growth of Amateur football is the sporting and enthusiastic spirit in which the game is played.  Club spirit and “love of the game” are the ideals of the thirty clubs making up the MAFA – hence the success of this large body.  In no club is this spirit more manifest than in that of the Old Xaverians’ Football Club. Visiting amateur teams look forward to their match at Kew.  The beautiful surroundings and college playing fields give the fixture the appearance of a picnic match,”


“Players in this club have no hesitation in saying they would rather lose a dozen games than win a disputed or spitefully played one . . . since he inception of the club in 1923, no player has appeared before the Independent Tribunal for striking, retaliating or unfair play.  It is significant that on no occasion has an opposing player been reported against them.”

Perhaps this Newboltian dedication to fair play matched the zeitgeist or perhaps it was an attempt to distract the faithful from the fact that the club won only 10 of 18 games and missed the four.

Mitigating circumstances were the injuries to Jim Williamson, Jim Wall, Jack Drake, Geoff O’Malley and Jim O’Connor, which kept them from the playing ranks for some weeks.

The social activities came thick and fast.  Smoke Socials and Pie Nights met the need between the Annual Dance, held at the Dell, and the Bridge Party, held at the home of Mr and Mrs Quin of Malvern.

The Quins’ hospitality allowed the club to carry over the season with money in the bank, even if the return from the on-field events had been slightly disappointing.