Upon leaving school, every student of Xavier College automatically becomes a Life Member of the Old Xaverians’ Association.

Although not officially established until 1910, regular reunions and unofficial meetings date back to the 1890s.

The OXA embraces a wide range of sporting and cultural interests, and plays an important and active role in the Xavier family, by providing assistance, and meeting the needs of the College and its students.

Through its amateur sporting club affiliates, the OXA has earned a reputation as a major force in Australian Rules football, cricket, athletics, golf, hockey, and soccer. All old boys are encouraged to participate– either as players or spectator/supporters.

The OXA is an extension of school life, in that it allows old boys to maintain contact with each other through the many functions held during the year. These include the Annual Dinner, country and interstate dinners, and decade reunion dinners. Such occasions promote unity and good fellowship, and assist in the growth of the life-long friendships formed at school.

The OXA is part of the worldwide Jesuit Alumni Association, and promotes the principles and philosophies of Jesuit education, particularly through the work it does for the disadvantaged.

The Education and Welfare Fund is an example of this work. It was established to assist students whose families have suffered distress and financial difficulties. The Association also works with the Careers and Guidance Counsellor at the College to provide current and past students assistance with careers and employment.

Every year, the OXA provides a Boarding Scholarship, and presents annual academic prizes.

The Memorial Chapel is a great landmark of Xavier College. It was an initiative of the Old Xaverians’ Association and was built as a memorial to those Xaverians who lost their lives in war..



Peter McDonnell (Executive Officer)

03 9854 5340



Xavier College, 135 Barkers Rd, Kew VIC 3101