It was a day of mixed fortunes against Caulfield Grammarians at Glenhuntly Oval, with the Reds falling short and the Blacks winning convincingly.

In the early contest, the Fieldswomen got away to the stronger start and that proved the difference.

Sarah Ongarello was a consistent performer on the day but well supported by numerous others. The Reds are improving with each game and provide great support for the Senior team.

Coach Moodie said:

Well fought out games today by both the Red and the Black teams. Well done!!!

The Reds tackled better than CG, and our defensive pressure set the benchmark but unfortunately, we didn’t get the score on board.

We won the second half, so let's carry on from here and win all four quarters next week.

Fantastic work Black team, it was worth suffering the sleet and hail to watch you all slog it out for a strong win. Love your work. Great team effort.

Caulfield Gramm  2.2-14    4.4-28    4.8-32    4.8-32

Old Xaverians       0-0.0    1 .2-8       1.2-8      2.5-17

Goal Kickers: M. Ventura, M. Casey

Best Players: G. Cleaver, M. Casey, S. Thom, A. Clark, A. Ryan, M. Ventura

The Blacks (Seniors) were too strong for Caulfield rocketing into second on the ladder with a 5.6 to 0.9 victory.

It was another outstanding performance from Mua Laloifi, who steadied the Xavs team, ably supported by Ellis, Carty, Sorrenti, Archer and Chester. 

The Fieldswomen wee inaccurate in the first term, while the Red and Blacks did better with their seven shots in the second term. The home team failed to score after the half, while the Young Ones maanged a major at each end to seal the deal.

Coach Young said: 

A great effort today from all of you representing Xavs.

The Reds stepped it up and had some good play in very challenging conditions - it is tough for experienced players to take on a strong wind and rain and our girls did really well to put a score on the board and hold the opposition.

Blacks copped the worst of the weather and I was most happy with the way they all approached the game with strong attack on the ball and desperate defense - it is hard to start kicking against the wind but their continued pressure and discipline was impressive in the first quarter. When we started the second quarter I was really pleased that they immediately switched mindsets and went into attack mode - two weeks in a row where we have come out at the start of a quarter and put on a goal within the first few seconds - great to see. Mentally we were really great today and with the umpire sending everyone off the field for 7 minutes and the conditions getting worse and worse a lesser group would have had lapses that allowed the opposition a chance but not our guys! We will be tested further in the coming weeks so really happy with their focus and determination to close out the game early today - we have started strong and need to keep up the momentum. 

Caulfield Gramm 0.7-7    0.7-7   0.9-9   0.9-9

Old Xaverians      0.0-0   3.4-22 4.4-28 5.6-36

Goal Kickers: I. Ellis 2, A. Rhodes, V. Laloifi, R. Cox

Best Players: V. Laloifi, I. Ellis, E. Carty, M. Sorrenti, E. Archer, R. Christgoergl