The pressure was on at Xavier this morning, with all seven men’s teams taking the points yesterday. It was left to the WOX to complete the weekend, and they didn’t disappoint. On the Chapel Oval, in front of a large crowd of cheering Red and Blacks’ players and fans, the Frantastics and the Brownies both saluted, creating history for the Old Xaverians, which won all nine games for the first time ever.



Old Xaverians avenged their R4 thrashing at the hands of Old Camberwell when they won a spirited contest with the Two Blues on the Chapel Oval today. Challenged throughout, the Brownies persevered and persisted, showing courage at critical times, and finally won the day.

Team Manager Jackie Shields reports:

With the Wellers sharing top spot and the Brownies in third place, it was always going to be a red hot game. The visitors came out on fire with an early goal, but the reply came shortly thereafter when co-captain Grace Knox scored under extreme pressure after Jen Barker kicked to the goal square.

The Old Xavs’ back line found themselves under the pump for the majority of the quarter, but managed to repel further opposition advances and by moving the ball quickly and playing in front, gave themselves further opportunities. But defence ruled, and the scores stayed even for the rest of the term.

Knox put another six points on the scoreboard in the second after swooping on the ball after it was knocked to the ground. However, poor defensive discipline gifted two goals to the Wellers. But things turned again, when Imogen Milford slotted one home and they went to the locker room at the half all tied up.

A few choice words by old school Old Xavs’ Coach Murray Browne at the half time break re-focused the players’ efforts to the task at hand. A tight quarter unfolded with the Camberwell coach commenting “it’s a fair contest” as the third stanza drew to close. That it was, with Annabel Nichols taking a magnificent mark outside the goal square and slotting it home. At the lemons, Xavs by a point.

The fourth quarter was a nail-biter with the Xavs maintaining composure and sticking to their game plan. The Wellers looked dangerous early in the last, but the Red ‘n’ Blacks held firm. The play of Western Bulldogs player Vaomua Laloifi, back at Old Xavs after an ACL injury, was a joy to behold, as she turned defence into attack on numerous occasions. Caitlin Hickey was a tower of strength in the ruck, foiling taller opponents, while Indiarna Ellis repeatedly put her body on the line for her teammates. All this, but still no goals. The Wellers twice tied it up, but the Xavs responded with minors. And so it stayed . . .

Two minutes to the wire and the Old Xavs were still up by just a point, despite having plenty of possessions in their front half. As the clock wound down, and the ball in the forward pocket, a scoreless quarter seemed a probability, but Ellis seized a loose ball and slammed it home to add the exclamation point to a great win.

Old Xaverians 1.1.7 3.1.19 4.2.26 5.4.34

Old Camberwell 1.1.7 3.1.19 4.1.25 4.3.27

Best: V. Lailoifi, I. Ellis, E. Dwyer, M. Sorrenti, A. Nicholls, T. Mant

Goals: G. Knox 2, I. Milford, A. Nicholls, I. Ellis



It was win but a scrappy one for the Old Xavs when the Reds and the Wellers went head to head at Gordon Barnard Reserve earlier in the season. Scrappy it was to be again throughout the first quarter with yo-yoing, a rushed behind and a few missed set shots thrown into the mix. The upshot? Three points to Old Xavs after 20 minutes of applied effort from both sides.

Second quarter and second wind. The Old Xavs turned up the intensity a notch booting two goals thanks to the efforts of Sophie Lewis and Bella Villani to take a convincing lead with the visitors only managing to put two points on the score board.

The third quarter saw early attacks in the goal square by the Xavs and a multitude of missed opportunities. “Finally” the Old Xavs’ supporters yelled in unison with a goal by Sara Gucciardo. The onslaught continued with a second goal for the day by Bella  V. and not just any goal – an impressive left foot half banana!

Whilst it was a total team effort by the Red ‘n’ Blacks, touted as “their best effort yet” by proud Coach Fran Moodie, Bella V dominated the fourth quarter with her power and acceleration. Two more goals in the van with one on the final siren to take the Frantastics across the line with another great win.

Old Xaverians 0.3.3 2.5.17 4.8.32 6.12.48

Old Camberwell 0.0.0 0.2.2 0.4.4 0.4.4

Best: B. Villani, S. Gucciardo, C. Powell-Wright, T. Weltner, N. Manthorpe, M. Casey

Goals: B. Villani 4, S. Lewis 1, S. Gucciardo 1