The Brownies and the Frantastics did their finals’ chances no harm, with both registering wins today against competitive Old Geelong teams. The Chapel Oval was foggy as the first game began, but the rain stayed away and the sun shone on the Red ‘n’ Blacks.

The Frantastics comfortably defeated the only team above them, and have moved into first place. The Brownies game was a closer affair, but again, their determination came to the fore in the final term and for the second week in succession, completed the club’s nine-for-nine weekend. By dint of their bye next week, it is likely that they will be in first place next Saturday night.


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Team Manager Jacs Shields reports:

“A danger game” were the words of Coach Murray Browne heading into the match against Old Geelong. Sitting third on the ladder, Xavs needed another win against a fellow finals aspirant. After a 20 minute term on a cold, foggy morning with Old Xavs with only one behind and the visitors scoreless, it was anyone’s game. Miles Bergin, Old Xavs’ physio was on the money. commenting, “That was nearly a couple of goose eggs” summing up a quarter of congestion.

A litany of missed opportunities in the 2nd term was broken when Brooke Robertson broke through with a goal.  The Xavs had eighty percent of the possession with the action camped in our forward 50. The team surged forward but was frustrated by the dewy conditions and the resolute defence of the Oggers.

The second half began and and then boom! The powerhouse that is Co-Vice Captain Grace Knox snagged an early goal and then followed up with a sensational second. Two goals in one minute! 

The visitors came out fighting in the fourth term wth an early goal. However the Xavs’ leadership team continued to step up, with Captain Gabby Golds awarded a free kick and then a 25 metre penalty after being a victim of rough behaviour. She banged it through,, resulting in a two goal lead. Continued pressure by Old Xavs from the backline and an impressive attacking style of footy for the reminder of the quarter got them over the line, and sent them to the double bye in a very strong position.

Old Xaverians 0.1-1 1.3-9 3.3-21 4.3-27

Old Geelong 0.0-0 0.0-0 1.0-6 2.0-12

Goal Kickers: G. Knox 2, B. Robertson, G. Golds

Best Players: G. Henderson, T. Meyer, T. Mant, A. Harangozo, C. Rooks, C. Clarke

BOG - Gabby Henderson stars in big win.

BOG - Gabby Henderson stars in big win.


Jacs Shields reports:

The Frantastics were all set for an almighty home ground tussle with the top team Old Geelong on a foggy Sunday morning at Xavier College. Two and a half minutes in, Bella Villani booted a cracking goal that was to set the tone for the remainder of the match. Seven minutes later, Gabby Koster scored with a set shot that came as a result of great tackling and tough play. Soon thereafter, Bella Villani made it three, picking up the ball in the pocket and putting another six points on the board. But wait there’s more! Sarah Ongarello added to her growing tally of goals for the season with a snap goal in the pocket to have ecstatic Coach Fran Moodie exclaim, “That’s our best quarter ever!”

The Frantastics kept up the intensity in slippery conditions, keen to keep the Oggers off the board for another quarter. But though caught off guard in the first, Old Geelong flooded forward for a goal. Xavs couldn’t find another, and they went to the sheds with a margin of three goals.

Intensity was the name of the game across the 3rd quarter and it was all Old Xavs. The brilliant Villani slotted another couple and Ongarello booted her second.

Yo-yoing summed up the final term, with no points scored by either team over 20 minutes of pressure contests. Thus, another win in the bag for the Old Xavs’, who are in first place as we break for the double bye.

All credit to Nicole Manthorpe, who took the field with despite carrying an injury – a herculean effort and testament to the fantastic grit, determination and commitment of the Frantastics!

Old Xaverians 4.0-24 4.2-26 7.3-45 7.3-45

Old Geelong 0.0 1.2-8 1.2-8 1.2-8

Goal Kickers: I. Villani 4, S. Ongarello 2, G. Koster

Best Players: I. Bueno, D. McLaren, I. Villani, R. Cox , R. Percy, M. Grandy