The WOX team hit the brick wall that is Marcellin and couldn't get a sufficient score on the board to trouble the Marists.

Coach Young reported: 

The game today didn't go exactly to plan, but there were positives to draw out of it, and plenty to still work on. The stand-out stats today were that we struggled to get rewarded when we went inside fifty.

Clean possession is key to us getting more valuable disposals and giving each other a chance to impact positively. Going the other way, they beat us with run and carry and a lot of their scores were on the run. The key to their efficiency was that they held their marks and had someone running past consistently at least 2 metres away. Our handball efficiency was low, as we were way to close to the ball carrier, and mostly not moving.  

It is hard to take a hard, quick handball when you are that close and it is pretty likely you will be tackled if you are not moving, so this week let's re-focus and get those basics back up to scratch, ready to take on next week.

The positives to draw on is that again we came out and beat the in the third quarter, so we know that we can match it with them - we need to just put that together for 4 quarters. Small improvements by all in getting more clean possession and taking more contested and uncontested marks will mean a huge improvement for the team so if each of us makes that small step it will result in a leap for the team! 

Marcellin OC    5.5-35    7.8-50    7.12-54    10.13-73
Old Xaverians       0.0         0.0       1.0-6       2.0-12

Goal Kickers: G. Knox, I. Ellis
Best Players: E. Dwyer , E. Archer, A. Doulgeris, G. Knox, C. Rooks, G. Henderson


The WOX Red team suffered their biggest loss on the year to the top-ranked Marcellin.

Coach Young reported;

Marcellin were the top of the ladder in both divisions and played with the confidence that shows why they are there. The Reds had another hard crack today and there were some really good passages of play and some good defensive work. Attacking that ball and picking up cleanly is key to moving to the next level. All of us will be working on those key possession skills this week.

Marcellin           5.5-35    10.13-73    14.21-105    16.23-119
Old Xaverians    1.0-6           1.0-6           1.0-6          1.1-7

Goal Kickers: F. Cameron-Muller
Best Players: S. Dostine, G. Rathgeber, C. Psyhogios, I. Villani, G. Chester