The Frantastics fell just short against a bigger Bears team at Xavier today. Despite dominating much of the game and managing to lock the ball in their front half, the WOX couldn't manage to get it through the big sticks with any regularity.

The Xavs never gave up, despite trailing all day because of some inaccuracy in the opening stanza.

Sarah Ongarello and the diminutive Elise "Go-Go" Ko were outstanding, with the former proving a big presence in the ruck and up forward, and the latter throwing herself in where angels fear to tread, winning the ball in the midfield and driving it forward with her penetrating right foot.

Coach Moodie commented: 

Today the Reds played some good football but unfortunately, a focused team beat us. The Reds are so close to pulling it all together. I love the camaraderie and enthusiasm. There’s a good bond happening.

Again the Reds' endeavour to get to the ball was pleasing. We need to continue with the off-ball work as it is such an important part of the game. Laying a bump or putting in a shepherd is as equal to getting a kick, handball or goal.

The Reds have shown over the last three game we're very competitive. We need to continue to work hard at training.

Old Xaverians      0.4-4     1.6-12    2.7-19   3.9-27

Kew AFC              1.0-6      2.2-14   3.5-23  5.6-36

Goal Kickers: G. Purchase, A. Clark, M. Casey
Best Players: S. Ongarello, E. Ko, M. Casey, M. Slingo, G. Purchase, F. Cameron-Muller


In the main event, the Young Ones were slow out of the starting blocks and faced a massive deficit at the half. After the break, they hit their straps,

Skipper Emily Archer, on-baller and defender Riley Christgoergl and Audrey Rhodes hit in particularly hard, determined to lift their team. At the back, Charlotte Powell-Wright and Logie winner Millie Dalton provided some close checking and rebound.

It was encouraging effort in the second half, but teams that win regularly must be prepared to play four quarters.

Coach Young blamed the defeat on a poor first half and some sloppy training during the week.

It was a game of two halves and of course we didn't start of idealy - we were flat and let them get a real run on.

We chased them the whole half and let them dictate how the game would flow. The positive is that we could draw ourselves out of that and come out and make a real game of it in the second half.

The only disappinting thing was the last 30 seconds when we let a cheap goal slip through. As we know that we lost the game due to under preparation - to some extent physically but mostly mentally. We also know that we can match it with them so over the next two weeks we have the opportunity to address these issues and really come out up and firing for our next game.

I truly believe that we can take it up to each team if we work effectively together so let get ourselves sorted and then give the crowd what they came to see - Old Xavs and the club song.

Old Xaverians     0.0      1.0-6       2.1-13   3.2-20

Kew AFC             3.1-19   7.6-48      7.6-48   9.7-61

Goal Kickers: A. Rhodes 2, E. Archer
Best Players: R. Christgoergl , K. Mullins, A. Keith, E. Carty, A. Rhodes, E. Archer