Despite another strong effort, the lack of firepower up front consigned the Xavs to another defeat at Marles yesterday.

Coach Young reports:

Today we again played a tough, hard game and put everything into four quarters. Again I could not fault the endeavour and was pleased that we are fighting out all four quarters.

It was really pleasing that many of you collected the ball, fended off and played as we have been practicing. Our downfall at times is that we are all too keen to be where the ball is and some of the teams we are playing are being more disciplined,  holding ground and having one player go for the ball, with another laying a shepherd and the third waiting, then running though for the handball.

This is how the Ts developed a break away and scored most of their goals. We must get better at shepherding and holding space so that we can create more scoring opportunities for ourselves.

This is all within our reach and a few good training sessions this week then taking this discipline into the game could make the small changes we need to bridge the small gap that had been there the last couple of weeks.

Old Trinity         2.2-14    3.6-24    5.11-41    8.13-61
Old Xaverians    0.0             0.0    2.0-12    2.0-12

Goal Kickers: A. Rhodes, A. Doulgeris
Best Players: A. Livingstone, T. Annear, M. Sorrenti, A. Rhodes, C. Pittard, E. Archer