Another day where the efforts exceeded the return. both Old Xavs' teams came up against the physically stronger Marcellin.


Coach Moodie: "The Red were up against it today and everyone went out and gave their all.

Marcellin was a taller and stronger team but we laid some awesome tackles, did the hard chasing and never gave up. We can’t do much about the height, but we can work on core strength and our set-up around the contest to have a couple of options to clear the ball.

Everyone contributed today and had a positive impact on the game. Another week off and then let’s start our winning roll."

Old Xaverians    0.0              0.0          0.0             0.0
Marcellin            4.3-27    7.11-53    12.17-89    16.24-120


Old Xaverians       0.0       0.1-1        1.1-7         1.2-8
Marcellin OC    4.0-24    5.2-32    6.4-40    8.10-58

Goal Kickers: A. Rhodes
Best Players: E. Dwyer , E. Archer, T. Annear, T. Meyer, G. Henderson, C. Sgarbossa