The WOX lost their second outing in Premier company after the Fieldswomen continued their winning ways at XC. 

The Young Ones stayed close until half-time, but the Blue and Whites kicked away after the half to win convincingly.

The Xavs can take solace that their only two appearances at the level have come against the two top ranking teams in the section. They have performed creditably against both and there is plenty of life left in this emerging team.

Audrey Rhodes booted two, while Gabby Golds is in stunning form.

Next week, another opportunity as the team travels to the Gillon to meet Brunswick Renegades, who have won just once in five tries.

Old Xaverians                 2.1-13    3.3-21     3.3-21   4.3-27

Caulfield Grammarians  2.5-17   4.7-31     6.8-44  8.10-58

Goal Kickers: A. Rhodes 2, S. Ongarello, G. Cannon
Best Players: G. Golds, M. Sorrenti, E. Archer, R. Lucas, A. Rhodes