The Reserves won comfortably, but the Seniors and Menages went down narrowly. Tomorrow, 3 finals and a chance to tilt the scales back.




Collegians ended a long run of outs at Toorak Park when they held on to beat the Red ‘n’ Blacks under sunny skies. That the X-Men were that close at the end was a tribute to the team’s fighting qualities. But for some late shots that went astray, the Xavs might even have stolen the game after trailing earlier by 40 points.

The home team looked more than capable early, but conceded three goals in time on in the first term, igniting the Purples, who needed to win to hold fourth spot. Matt Handley had goaled twice earlier in the term and was denied a third by a shocking non-call.

The Lions took over in the second stanza and thoroughly deserved their half-time lead. Xavs sparked up in the third with three goals in as many minutes and there confidence at the lemon-time huddle. As it transpired, the X-Men did most of the attacking in the last term, but the radar was not calibrated. Collegians’ only goal in the last chapter came from a 50 metre penalty that was not warranted.

Denis Symeopoulos was courageous and effective for the vanquished, and Alex Browne played his best game yet in the colours. There was no doubting the endeavour of the team after half-time, but there were too many opportunities squandered with poor choices and poorer disposal.

Nonetheless, it all begins again next week. Old Xaverians have a great record at HQ, while Uni Blues, who also lost today, have experienced plenty of disappointments on the Ponderosa.

Old Xaverians 3.3-21 4.8-32 9.13-67 12.18-90

Collegians 5.7-37 9.9-63 12.13-85 13.18-96

Goal Kickers: M. Handley 3, M. Margin 2, C. Beetham, T. Anderson, C. Prowse, H. Troiani, J. Holmes, D. Symeopoulos, H. Cullity

Best Players: D. Symeopoulos, H. Cullity, T. Gilbert, H. Troiani, T. Anderson, A. Browne




Brendan Goss booted five and was best afield as the Red ‘n’ Blacks took no prisoners in their R18 clash with the Lions. With Melburnians falling to Uni Blues, the X-Men took the minor premiership, the sixth Old Xaverian team to do so this year.

Tom Hart has enjoyed his move forward, while his 2018 U19 premiership teammate Jordan Troiani again impressed. The game was never in doubt, though the wayward kicking early did not suggest that there would be much of a percentage dividend. But the home team rolled on, and sheer weight of class ensured the scores kept coming.

And now for the real stuff . . .

Old Xaverians 2.7-19 7.14-56 11.15-81 14.22-106

Collegians 1.1-7 1.1-7 2.7-19 3.8-26

Goal Kickers: B. Goss 5, T. Hart 3, J. Troiani, C. Woodley, C. Johnston, P. Phillips, L. Barry, N. Prowse

Best Players: B. Goss, H. Morris, N. Prowse, C. Johnston, L. Barry, T. Hart



A very strong Menages team fell to Old Scotch by a point in the season farewell to Stradbroke Park today.

The scores were close all day, but the Red Men, who will play finals next week, showed more poise in front of the pegs and won the game on the strength of their shooting.

No matter. It’s on to Elsternwick next weekend to earn a spot in the GF.

Old Xaverians 3.2-20 5.8-38 9.12-66 11.13-79

Old Scotch 3.1-19 6.3-39 7.4-46 12.8-80

Goal Kickers: M. Peric 3, D. Nash 2, M. Cain 2, A. Ongarello, A. Sorrenti, B. Kennedy, L. O''Sullivan

Best Players: H. Sleeman, L. O''Sullivan, A. Sorrenti, M. Peric, M. Speakman, D. Nash