Saturday's results were a mixed bag, with the loss by the Ones all but ending their chances of finals and a defence of the title.


Fans of the Red 'n' Blacks have become very familiar this season with rearguard action. On Opening Day, Xavs beat De La under lights with a momentous comeback and twice the Claret and Stout has beaten Beaumaris after looking beaten.

For most of the afternoon yesterday, Xavs looked beaten, though the fightback did come eventually. Not too late, just not sustained for long enough. It wasn't until the last term when the visitors hit their stride and applied the pressure that changed the game. But the lowly Ts were strong enough, determined enough, to push back themselves.

The happenings elsewhere, while keeping Xaverian finals' chances on life support, have buoyed the Green Machine and increased their probability of staying in Premier Section. It will be Xavs who can do them a favour next week too, by beating Uni Blacks under the spires.

Old Trinity         2.3-15       6.7-43        8.9-57       12.12-84

Old Xaverians    2.4-16       2.4-16        4.5-29          9.7-61

Goal Kickers: M. Margin 2, M. Handley 2, T. Thomas 2, C. Johnston, B. Kennedy, T. Golds
Best Players: T. Williams, M. Handley, B. Kennedy, M. Ambrose, L. Tiernan, N. Wynne



Fired by strong efforts from speedsters Luke Bisset and Hamish Cullity and four goals from Milky Forrest, the Red 'n' Blacks outplayed the Grasshoppers from go to whoa!

Charlie Kennedy continued his good form and booted three as Xavs won every quarter against a team that beat them at Trinity last year.

Coach Browne will be delighted at the form of his younger players, who have taken grat strides this year under his tutelage.

Old Trinity          2.0-12     3.0-18     6.2-38          8.3-51

Old Xaverians    5.4-34     9.7-61   12.10-82     15.12-102

Goal Kickers: J. Forrest 4, C. Kennedy 3, J. Barrack 2, M. Parker 2, D. Harangozo, J. Kelliher, T. Beaton, R. Ralph
Best Players: L. Bisset, H. Cullity, R. Ralph, N. Nunan, C. Kennedy, J. Forrest


Thanks for the early advice (6:00pm Friday), Old Melburnians.


A very solid win from the U23s, over a team that troubled them earlier in the year.

Coach Healy reports:

The OX Reds hosted the dangerous Uni Blacks in Round 16 at Stradbroke Park.

Weather was pretty wintery though improved as the game progressed.

We’d been well and truly tested at the Crawford Oval earlier in the year so this was a chance to track any improvement or otherwise.

The Uni Blacks were coming off an impressive win over 4th placed SK Green and looking for another top-four scalp.

They began impressively with a big pack mark and long goal to be on the board after two minutes.

As is often the case, the first quarter was frenetic with little or no time for clear and poised possession – exceptions to this were leaders Tom Bergin and Jack Buffon who took up the challenge with no Fletch and Sama and really led from the front with countless possessions and a fire in the belly that wrested the initiative from the visitors.

Our lead of two goals at quarter time was barely built on in the second quarter as the Uni boys kept hunting the ball in numbers and apart from poor kicking for goal, could’ve reduced the deficit …as it was, we enjoyed a fortunate three goal lead at half-time.

Cain and Will Wilson began to dominate in the third quarter and with Toohey and Curtis on top in the ruck and clearances going our way, the score started to tick over with Watkin, Nunan and Keramitsis all dangerous up forward.

Our defence was excellent led by Chris Prowse, Conor O’Sullivan, Ingham, Steedman and Lowe and the lead had blown out to eight goals by the last break.

It built to over ten goals with only poor kicking for goal robbing us of a larger win.

A most impressive effort given there were fifteen changes to the previous week – all players are giving it everything to be part of September.

Off to Beauy at the crack of dawn on Saturday for our last away game of the year – let’s make it a winner !

Old Xaverians Red      4.5-29       6.6-42      11.11-77    14.19-103

University Blacks         2.2-14        3.7-25       3.9-27       4.11-35

Goal Kickers: E. Watkin 3, F. Keramitsis 3, C. O'Sullivan, P. Nunan, J. Buffon, T. Ingham, B. Dalbosco, W. Wilson, C. Wilson, T. Bergin
Best Players: T. Bergin, M. Cain, C. Prowse, P. Nunan, L. Toohey, J. Buffon


A strong last quarter from the Vultures wasn't enough to get over the Xavs, who had done their job early.

Paddy Phillips and Tom Williamson were excellent near the sticks, while Jimmy Dalbosco was best afield.

Next week's clash with St Kevin's will decide which of the two teams finishes second, so it's fair to say there is much riding on the result.

Parkdale Vultures         1.1-7      3.4-22      4.6-30     10.8-68

Old Xaverians            3.4-22      7.5-47     9.10-64   12.10-82

Goal Kickers: P. Phillips 3, T. Williamson 3, J. Hewitt 2, M. Batten 2, B. Scala, L. Soccio
Best Players: J. Dalbosco, J. Hart, T. Hart, D. O''Loughlin, J. Power, B. Scala


Next week, a big clash with top-placed St Kevin's.