Not the greatest day for the Seniors, who crashed, but some important wins nonetheless as all teams bar the U19 Premier outfit, which received a forfeit, returned to action. The run to the finals has begun.




For the second time this season, Old Xaverians’ winning run stopped at five, St Kevin’s were too strong and too purposeful for a lacklustre Xavs, despite missing many of their first-choice stars.

The Kevins opened with the wind, a healthy northerly, but despite some systematic football, were held largely in check until the time-on period, when they doubled their output. The assessment in the visitors’ huddle was that the Kevs had merely parred the quarter.

Whatever, they aced the second term with another four goals while shutting down the Claret and Stout, whose only joy came from an early goal to Tom Gilbert.

Kevs’ second use of the breeze yielded another four goals, while Handley and Merlo replied for the visitors, but the task ahead of them at the lemons was immense.

Xavs did win the final term, with goals to Handley, Trigar and Matt Margin, all things of beauty, but it wasn’t anywhere near enough. The reigning premier had their cues in the rack and did just enough in the end to maintain the comfortable margin they deserved.

Coach Satterley described the Xavs’ performance as “fluffy”. Aside from team leaders Dan Noonan and Matt Merlo, there were few standouts. At the risk of stating the obvious, it was the worst afternoon since that self-immolation against Uni Blues in R6.

With those same Blues coming to Toorak Park next week, the X-Men will want to avenge that sorry day.

St Kevins 4.5-29 8.6-54 12.8-80 13.8-86

Old Xaverians 0.1-1 1.4-10 3.5-23 6.10-46

Goal Kickers: M. Handley 2, A. Trigar, M. Margin, T. Gilbert, M. Merlo
Best Players: M. Merlo, D. Noonan, J. Holmes, R. Bewick, A. Trigar, T. Gilbert




The tall timbers Matt Peric and Nick Prowse booted three apiece as the Old Xaverians beat second-placed St Kevin’s at TH King today.

Though trailing at the half, there was good reason to believe that Xavs had been the better side, and they proved that in the third term with a withering burst of six goals.

Hard nuts Hamish Morris and Harry Batten were in everything, and led the Xaverian charge. Prowse turned on a strong aerial display, while Alex Browne took another step down the road to senior return. Jack Hewitt was again strong and Charlie Kennedy found plenty of it.

Having established itself back in second spot, a victory over traditional rival Uni Blues next week will enhance its credentials as a true contender.

St Kevins 1.1-7 3.6-24 5.6-36 7.7-49

Old Xaverians 2.3-15 3.3-21 9.4-58 12.4-76

Goal Kickers: M. Peric 3, C. Prowse 3, E. Lachal, P. Phillips, J. Hewitt, H. Morris, M. Hess , T. Beaton

Best Players: H. Morris, H. Batten, C. Prowse, J. Hewitt, A. Browne, C. Kennedy




After a tight first half, a stunning third quarter saw the Xavs put away the Purples. Gabby Golds and Gabby Henderson led the way as the WOX put themselves in a position to win the minor premiership next Sunday morning at Xavier.

Jackie Shields reports:

Quietly confident was the mood of Coach Murray Browne’s team heading in to the weekend’s away game against Collegians. Sitting pretty in second position on the ladder behind Monash Blues and the opposition in fifth with only four wins, the focus was squarely on getting the job done. 

The first term augured well for the Brownies after a scrappy 20 minutes in windy conditions with fifteen points to two notched up. Great marking and team play was displayed across the board.

Collegians dominated in the second quarter keeping the Brownies scoreless. Rushed play, unforced errors, fumbling by the Old Xavs wasn’t capitalised on by the opposition who upped the intensity but not the accuracy kicking three behinds.

One of Coach Browne’s half time pep talks set the team straight and they took to the field all guns blazing. In 20 minutes and four goals later. A solid effort.

An impressive Collegian’s back line held off a repeat of the third quarter seeing but one more goal recorded for the visitors. Congested, scrappy and ugly spring to mind, but a win’s a win and it’s onwards and upwards to take on the top team (for top position) next Sunday at home for what promises to be a nail biter.

Collegians 0.2-2 1.5-11 1.5-11 1.6-12

Old Xaverians 2.3-15 2.3-15 6.5-41 7.6-48

Goal Kickers: J. Barker, I. Milford, G. Golds, G. Knox, A. Keith, A. Nichols, I. Ellis

Best Players: G. Golds, G. Henderson, I. Ellis, C. Hickey, T. Meyer, T. Tupou



The juggernaut that is the Old Xavs Premier B Reserves rolled on, crushing Collegians with a sensational 92 point victory. Far and away the most challenging part of the day for Coach Fran Moodie and the players was finding the ground – Ian Johnston Oval 1, Albert Park! Once located however, the Frantastics soon set to work channelling the oval’s namesake - Australian cricketing legend Ian Johnson. Johnson was a member of Don Bradman's Australian renowned team which toured England in 1948 known as the Invincibles.

Top of the table, the Old Xavs showed great sportsmanship from the get-go, graciously agreeing to play with 16 players matching the opposition’s numbers on the day.

Still smarting from last year’s defeats at the hands of the Lions, the up and coming Frantastics, played with a certain joy in overcoming the Lions, whose fortunes have tumbled this season.

The first term saw a Bella Villani blitz with three of the five goals . The blustery conditions were no match for Hannah Ryan and Ashlea Mills who kicked a goal a piece. Bella V again dominated the second quarter with another two goals with Fran Cameron-Muller clocking up six points for the team, her parents proud as punch by the sidelines kicking back, coffees in hand enjoying the afternoon’s entertainment in their portable recliners.

A surprising resurgence by the opposition’s back line in the third quarter staved off multiple assaults at goal by the Old Xavs. Bella V broke through with two more goals to her name and the opposition yet to put a point on the board.

The wind picked up on the final quarter as did the Frantastics keeping the pressure on with three more goals taking the tally to 92 zip.

It’s home sweet home for the on fire Frantastics for a 9:20am game at Xavier College with a focus on staying hungry but humble, and aiming for the minor premiership.

Collegians 0.0-0 0.0-0 0.0-0 0.0-0

Old Xaverians 5.6-36 8.8-56 10.10-70 13.14-92

Goal Kickers: I. Villani 7, F. Cameron-Muller 2, A. Mills 2, H. Ryan, N. Emmett

Best Players:




Lucas O’Sullivan and Jack Unger starred as top-ranked Old Xaverians pounded second-placed St Kevin’s by 124 points at TH King. The victory kicks the Xavs’ percentage above 500, an astonishing tally with only five games remaining before the finals.

Bruce Wilson reports:

Today’s highly anticipated clash of the Titans, 1 v 2 at the T.H. King Oval proved to be a one-sided affair with our boys handing SKOB’s a real footy lesson and a 125-point winning margin.

SKOB’s jumped out of the gate with the first goal for the day but it proved to be their last.. SKOB went hard at the body early on, but with Xavs relentless pressure football and unforgiving hard tackling broke the back and spirit of the home crew.

Tacking off a brilliant game last week, Jack Unger continued to dominate he forward line with 5 goals and possibly mark of the year in the goal square. Harry Kelly was brilliant overhead and dominated in every position he played in with Lucas O’Sullivan showing his class and having the ball on a string.

Nick Lefebvre had his best game of the year as did Christian Impala who marked, ran and shepherded to perfection as did Callum O’Reilly who did not take a backward step.

Jack Bueno and Patty Nunan were composed in the back line and continued to drive out any SKOB advances with style. Fantasia was solid in the back and moved forward with success and supported brilliantly Berry and Curtis in the ruck. Big Billy Curtis’s second week back and has fit into the team brilliantly and scored a pearler of a goal in the 3rd qtr. much to his parents’ pleasure who were cheering on the boys from the hill.

Captain Charlie Wilson was brilliant on the wing and across the half back line setting up many advances and or brought other players into the game.

The forward line was a little crowded early on, with the mosquito fleet crowding the hole and for the bigger bodied Velks, Unger, Hess, Kelly . But with great direction from super coach for the day, Tom Bergin, the stage was cleared allowing the execution of SKOB . 

Tommy Ingham was in everything on the half back line using his big body to perfection. Speaking of strength, Matt Forrest was a powerhouse. When a SKOB player tried to bustle Matt off his feet, but the poor chap was left face in the mud as he bounced off the big Fridge. 

Will Honan continued his fine form and was intense in his pressure, shepherding, speed, body work and kicked 2 sensational goals. Sean Stanley’s hard-ball gets and pace is a real advantage to our team, as well as his ability to kick a goal. 

Our midfield was brilliant and rarely if ever lost at the bounce or sidelines with Lachie Berry TOTALLY dominating. Bishop exposed every opponent he had, as always and was silky smooth in all aspects of his game. Rooch Brennan’s speed and drive are second to none resulting in perfect delivery to our leading forwards.

As Coach Healy and his partner in crime, Tommy Bergin continue to emphasise to the lads, there are 24 spots available for the finals’ series and everyone has the opportunity to make this team. Continued attendance at training, dedication to the team plan and 110% effort at each game will all help selection chances. 

Another fine win and always that much better at the T.H. King Cauldron.

Thanks to our loyal band of volunteers for the day including Anastasia who week after week keeps our boys on the track, Rob Bergin, Peter Beaton, Mark Smith, James Samartzis and Argy on the board for the day.

Next week we have a home game against Fitzroy at Straddy, and look forward to continued family support.

St Kevins 1.1-7 1.5-11 1.6-12 1.8-14

Old Xaverians 3.5-23 7.8-50 15.12-102 20.18-138

Goal Kickers: J. Unger 5, L. O''Sullivan 4, W. Veljkovic 3, W. Honan 2, H. Kelly 2, C. Bishop, B. Curtis, S. Stanley, N. Lefebvre

Best Players: L. O''Sullivan, J. Unger, L. Berry, N. Lefebvre, C. Bishop, H. Kelly




Matt Tempone and Sam Grigg fired the Menages to a 69 point victory over Old Scotch at Stradbroke Park. a six goal second term created a gap that was never bridged by the Cardinals, who remain second on the ladder.

It was an important victory for the Red ‘n’ Blacks, top of the ladder, and sending a strong message to other contenders.

Old Xaverians 4.3-27 10.4-64 13.8-86 16.10-106

Old Scotch 3.0-18 3.0-18 5.1-31 6.1-37

Goal Kickers: M. Tempone 3, S. Grigg 3, J. Buffon 2, M. Cain 2, S. Berengo 2, A. Ongarello 2, J. Hanger, A. Sorrenti

Best Players: J. McElhinney, S. Franklyn, M. Tempone, S. Berengo, D. Prowse, J. Morrison



A determined o’Shan’s 18 hung tough for three quarters against a strong Marcellin outfit, but was unable to hold the dam once it broke in the final term. It has been a challenging season for the club’s youngest outfit, but lessons learned will hold the Red ‘n’ Blacks in fine stead in the days ahead.

Old Xaverians 1.4-10 4.6-30 5.8-38 5.8-38

Marcellin 3.3-21 5.6-36 6.8-44 10.8-68

Goal Kickers: N. Jane 2, W. Sheedy 2, S. Stevenson

Best Players: C. Boots, T. Davine, T. Burger, H. Sweeney, T. Cartwright



The Lime Hose kept finals’ hopes strong with a strong performance against Mazenod at Gordon Barnard.

The Diles jumped early, with only poor conversion preventing them from building a match-winning lead in the first term. The Noddrs hit back in the second, but the Reptiles proved stronger after the long break and secured the points.

Next Saturday’s clash with PEGS looks vital to their post-season chances.

Old Xaverians 2.6-18 3.10-28 5.13-43 7.13-55

Mazenod 0.0 3.1-19 4.2-26 5.4-34

Goal Kickers: J. Lyon 2, H. McNamara 2, H. Reed, L. Cotchett, A. Keyhoe

Best Players: L. Bosnar, H. McNamara, T. Lyon, N. Russ, H. Reed, J. Lucchesi