The Red 'n Blacks won a low-scoring, fierce contest with Old Melburnians at Elsternwick Park today. 

In a shocking and strange quirk of fate, both halves were ended minutes early through serious injuries to players.


Tommy Amad copped a dislocated elbow at the end of the second term, while the final stanza came to a jarring halt when two OMs players collided, clashing heads and knocking them both flat.  It appeared that at least one of the players had sustained a nasty facial injury.

On the scoreboard, Xavs hauled in the Dark Blues after an inauspicious start. Their third term was a highlight, and a dogged effort into the wind in the last shut down the home team and prevented them from restoring their lead.

Old Melburnians    0.3-3    3.5-23    3.5-23    4.9-33
Old Xaverians        0.3-3     0.6-6    4.7-31    5.9-39

Goal Kickers: L. Denton 2, R. Carafa, R. Ralph, M. Parker
Best Players: B. Banting, R. Ralph, R. Carafa, T. Beaton, J. Midgley , A. Pasceri