TIME WAS: R3 - 2005

30 Apr 2005

SKOB smacked



Spurred on by an emotional and spirited half-time address by the usually calm and composed Andrew "Slicer" McLean, the Old Xavs managed their second 10 goal term in as many weeks as they unleashed their third-quarter fury on visiting St Kevin's at Toorak Park today.

The recently promoted SKOBs have been touted as a contender, but the Xavs ripped into their work early and smashed their hopeful opponents. Twelve Xavs scored a goal, with small forward John Pasceri booting four.

Rob Ralph presented Travis Ruyg with his new #13 recently.

Rob Ralph presented Travis Ruyg with his new #13 recently.

Best on the park was Travis Ruyg, who has returned to the club this season after a lengthy sojourn overseas.

Again, the Red ' n' Blacks turned in a clean sheet with the Juniors and both Club XVIII teams taking the points. The U19s had the week off.

So April bites the dust with the prospect of a fine winter at Toorak Park. 


OLD XAVERIANS   4.9    6.14   16.16   19.20 (134)

ST KEVINS              1.0     4.6     8.8    13.11    (89)

Goals: Pasceri 4 Rush 2 Lethlean 2 Agius 2 Chatfield 2 Colbert Ruyg Beardsley Sapuppo Scanlan Bingham Beetham.

Best: Ruyg Beardsley Bingham Beetham Pasceri Lethlean.



Junior's Juniors roll on . . .

OLD XAVERIANS           3.2     7.3    12.8    14.9 (93)

ST KEVINS                     1.3      1.3       2.3     6.5 (41)

Goals: N Moylan 3 A Bowen 3 M Green 3 J McDonnell 2 Rush T O’Meara M Walsh.

Best: D Walsh M Walsh O’Meara M Scanlan Ginnivan Hulett.


Coach Warry gets another win.

Coach Warry gets another win.


Not warried about sharks . . .

OLD XAVERIANS     3.3    8.6    14.6   18.8 (116)
BOX HILL SHARKS  4.2    6.4      9.5   11.9   (75)

Goals: Roach 5 Altis 4 Chamberlain 2 Ford 2 Richards 2 Depropertis Calhaem McInerney.

Best: Altis Francis Murray Roach J Ralph Depropertis.




Pat Hall tries to find the fingers to count his goals.

Pat Hall tries to find the fingers to count his goals.

Les Crocodiles

Les hommes dans le sox vert étaient trop forts lointain pour le Nodders.

MAZENOD            0.1   1.3     4.4   6.7    (43)
OLD XAVERIANS 6.4  9.8   14.15  16.22 (118)

Goals: Hall 6 Hawkins 4 Ireland 2 Halpin Perry Bell Curnow.

Best: Rathgeber Curnow Perry Hart Bell Poulis.