TIME WAS: R4 - 2006


Sam Kekovich was announced as the Guest Speaker at the 2006 President's Dinner to be held at the Westin Hotel later in May.

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14 May '06


Seniors, Juniors Hammer Ho-Hums

Senior debutants Ben Hackett and Matthew Handley.


What a difference a year makes.  Rewind to the OMs visit to Toorak Park in 2005 and a post-siren major posts the points for the Grammar.  Fast-forward to yesterday, and a post-siren major merely cuts the OM deficit to less than ten goals.  While the OMs last year left Toorak Park full of hope and glory, they yesterday departed without same.

For their part, the Xavs returned to the winners' column.  They began quickly and but for some inexplicably poor football late in the first quarter, controlled the game from go to whoa.  The Xavs had many fine players, but none more effective than David Sapuppo, whose skills become silkier as his confidence skyrockets.  He carried the ruck yesterday and was a fine follower.

The Glimmer Twins, Hugo Murphy and Sam Johnston, also provided dash around the ground, while Ryan Colbert was an excellent link man.

Tim O'Meara impressed when given the opportunity off the bench in his first senior game for two seasons, as did debutants Ben Hackett and Matthew Handley.  The latter set a new all-time VAFA record with six goals from his first six kicks in A Section football, a stunning performance. (See video below.)

Simon Lethlean often ran the length of the ground and had two flying shots for goal - the first, a trademark frozen rope that split the centre and the second, a less successful drop punt that quailed prematurely at the business end.  His fellow defender Ted Woodruff returned from the injury that stopped his 2005 campaign and showed his usual elan.

All in all, it was a solid performance from the Claret and Stout, but less than brilliant.  Given the changes in the line-up, however, it was pleasing to see the Xavs' game emerge from the shadows of the past fortnight.  Their biggest win at Toorak Park in over a year was welcomed by the Titans of the Terraces who have all too often of late found the 5 o'clock lager far too bitter.

OLD XAVERIANS          4.2   9.4     13.7   16.10    (106) 
OLD MELBURNIANS     4.3   4.3     4.4       7.5     (47) 

Goals: Handley 7, James McDonnell 3, Ruyg 2, Ockleshaw, Lethlean, Johnston, Bowen.

Best:    Sapuppo, Murphy, Colbert, Lethlean, Handley, Johnston.


Dan Smith kicked six as the Juniors danced away from their opponent.  The home team had many contributors and now sits atop the ladder.  The clash with similarly unbeaten Scotch and its coach Serge "Two Strikes" D'Angelo is just two weeks away, though Anthony Bourke will have his boys concentrating on this week's clash with Marcellin.

OLD XAVERIANS        5.1    8.3     11.10   14.13    (97)

OLD MELBURNIANS  1.2    2.5     2.8        3.11    (29)

Goals: D. Smith 6, J. Pasceri 2, A. Pyle 2, M. Walsh 2, S. Langdon, A. Ryan

Best: L. Ginnivan, O. Gidley, D. Smith, P. Ryan, M. Walsh, J. Pasceri


Galba's Legion over-run again.  Now they face the Crocs - after a loss.

OLD XAVERIANS  1.0   3.1  5.3    6.5   (41)

MAZENOD OC      5.3  7.5  9.6  15.10 (100)

Goals: Altis 5 Richards 1

Best:   Speekman, King, O'Hanlon, Rowe, Altis, Dynon


Croc Shock.  Three goals up at lemon-time and then . . .

ST KEVINS               1.1     3.2     7.7     12.8-80

OLD XAVERIANS    4.2    8.5   10.6     11.7-73

Goals: D. Rush 5, P. Hall 2, L. Hardwick 2, M. Davies, M. O'Kane

Best: N. Larkins, J. Silk, B. Perry, M. Jones, D. Rush, P. Hall


Luke Kelly nine goals and many fine players fire Theocrats.

ST KEVIN'S OB         5.10-40

OLD XAVERIANS   20.17-137

Goals: L.Kelly 9, R.Benson 3, P.Cain 2, T. Dynon 2, N.Saunders, J.Cross, A.Ross, D.Bell

Best - J.Cross, L.Kelly, A.Ross, T.Grigg, W.Bull.

Luke Kelly nine goals and many fine players fire Theocrats.


Rupertswood made the long trip from Sunbury to the fortress that is T.H.King.   The Maulers got the jump early and never looked like letting the 'swoods back into the game, with all wearing red and black contributing to a great win.


RUPERTSWOOD    4.12-36

Goals: Lee 5, Fazio 3, Lunardi, Grigoriadis, Myers 2, Cox, Flegeltaub, Konstan 1

Best:   Guirguis, Ley, Lee, Fazio, Kay, Nikakis