The game between the two perennial powerhouses of Premier Reserves football is a keenly awaited affair. Yesterday's contest at Toorak Park was no exception.

Spectators, officials, caterers all arrived early. The only ones late were the Old Xavs team, which rubbed the sleep from their eyes at quarter time to find themselves facing a massive deficit. Things were better from then on, particularly after half-time, but the damage had been done.

Old Xaverians            1.1-7        4.3-27       9.5-59     11.6-72

University Blues        6.2-38   1 1.3-69     14.6-90    15.7-97

Goal Kickers: M. Peric 3, J. Forrest 2, C. Kennedy, T. Parker, S. Lees, J. Williams, E. Lachal

Best Players: M. Parker, M. Owen, W. Richards, J. Williams, H. Morris, E. Lachal