QUICK HANDS: Tom Gilbert

QH: One of Old Xavs worst kept secret is that you love a beer! How are you faring with ‘Dry July’?

14 days in and going strong! Pretty confident I’ll be able to see out the remainder of the month. (QH: We hear different things... This was Gilbo on Monday night after a couple of quiet ones)

 QH: MCC civil procedure rule 12.4 states that ‘the consumption of beer at a rate quicker than 50ml per second is punishable by immediate explosion’. From your own experience can you confirm this rule?

Haha I wasn’t aware of this rule until one evening at the Big Bash. Things got a little out of hand. Luckily for me I escaped without conviction.

 QH: Do you struggle living in your younger brother’s shadow?

Look Jack is a talented cricketer, I will give him that. However, I’m fairly certain that I’m the only Gilbert on the board at Xavier for taking 6 wickets in an innings.

 QH: Any bizarre personal traits you've noticed amongst the playing group since joining the seniors?

To be honest I haven’t really noticed many as yet. Most of the guys seem to be relatively normal.

 QH: You were a budding young cricketer on the cusp of a Victorian contract. What happened?

I think having to stand in the field for 80+ overs, in 36 degrees, after making a duck whilst all your mates are at the races/down the beach started to get to me. So I decided so hang the gloves up at 21.

 QH: You find a dead body in your backyard – which Old Xavs player do you call to help you out?

Charlie Woodley would be the man. No doubt he would help logically sort out the situation.

 QH: How many nightclubs across Melbourne do you have a frequent user membership with?

Legitimately none. My partying days are over.

 QH: You run out of petrol on the highway. Naturally you call RACV and they tow you and your car to the nearest petrol station… What happens next?

Haha! We pulled up at a Carrum Downs servo and the bloke from RACV had a look and couldn’t find anything wrong, however he did recommended putting petrol in the car. The range on the car said 80km, so it couldn’t have been petrol! A few minutes later the car turned back on and I decided to drive off. Probably 300 metres down the East Link the car breaks down again and the same tow truck driver picks me up. Pretty embarrassing really. The next morning I put petrol in the car and it has been fine ever since. I am still convinced it was a problem with the radiator.

QH: Single out a teammate who you feel regularly dodges a shout and owes you a beer?

Tom Anderson often conveniently leaves his wallet at home.

 QH: You have a habit of bringing your mother to tears, name a recent example.

I wouldn’t say habit, but unfortunately there have been a few occasions. Most recently was a DIY haircut that apparently made me look like a “thug” according to Mum. My lovely Mother has had to put up with a lot.

 QH: Which player would you like to see featured on Quick Hands next?

James Midgley for sure. From memory he has some great stories of his time whilst working at Fergus cafe. The Malvern mums seem to love him!