Long time observers of Xaverian football might recall that Uni Blues smashed the Red 'n' Blacks by 79 points in Round 18 of 2005. The sting from that result lasted just a month, as Barry Richardson's fourth placed team beat Blues in the grand final.

We do not know yet the consequences of today's 74 point drubbing at Uni Oval, but the Blues will know that they must encounter more resistance in the return clash in mid July.

Last Saturday, the Red 'n' Blacks managed five goals in each of the first three quarters against the top of the table team. Now they have kicked just four goals in the past five terms. Their percentage has been slashed to exactly 100, leaving them fifth in that category, though they remain in third position on the ladder. 

Better days are surely ahead, but they won't just happen.

Tom Gilbert debuted for the Red 'n' Blacks, showing again that coach McDonald and his selection panel are not afraid to give younger players early opportunities in the seniors. In six rounds, we've seen Gilbert, Midgley, Gowers, Lane all play their first Premier game. 

University Blues    3.2-20    7.5-47    12.11-83      15.16-106

Old Xaverians         2.4-16    3.5-23       4.7-31         4.8-32

Goal Kickers: B. Kennedy, M. Handley, T. Johnston, T. Gilbert
Best Players: T. Williams, C. Lane, C. Margin, J. Skene, C. Johnston, T. Johnston

Afterword: While the Xavs suffered a big let-down following last week's clash with St Kevin's, SKOB themselves suffered similar in their clash with Collegians last night, going down by 90 points at the Trott. We will find more about the Lions next month.