SKOB led Xavs all the way at Stradbroke Park and delivered a ten goal defeat to the Red 'n' Blacks.

Ben LeFebvre was best for the vanquishewd, while Paddy Frawley proved a relaible target up forward.

Despite the loss, the Rs maintain second spot.

St Kevins          5.2-32    9.6-60    13.7-85    16.11-107
Old Xaverians    2.1-13     4.1-25       5.1-31       7.3-45

Goal Kickers: P. Frawley 4, D. Amicucci 2, N. MacIsaac
Best Players: B. Lefebvre, P. Frawley, M. Vujic, H. Willems, J. Skene