The WOX competed hard with fourth-placed Marcellin Sheagles, but could not go with the home team in the final stanza at Bulleen this morning.

Wearing the sky blue socks to recognise the Thick and Thin Round, the Xavs showed plenty of heart and ability against the strong Marcellin team, but a lack of lat quarter firepower cost them.

Coach Young noted:

It was another good solid effort today against a team that will play finals.

We had them on the ropes for three quarters and just couldn't finish it off.

They were very, very worried, and as their coach said after the game, we outplayed them for the first three quarters.

They had a finals berth on the line and so just found that extra something to pull themselves to the four points.

The really pleasing thing today is all of the great forward entries we had, and scored from. Our girls looked so much more confident in the delivery to the forwards and again, is reward for consistent, hard work at training.

The WOX have another great test and opportunity next week against another finals team.

Let's really shake things up!

(The Old Xavs will play the second ranked Fitzroy in their last game at Xavier next week, before finishing their first-ever season at Trinity on 29 July.)

Marcellin OC  0.2-2    2.7-19    3.8-26    5.11-41

Old Xaverians  0.3-3    2.7-19    2.8-20    3.8-26

Goal Kickers: M. Hosking 2, M. Tiernan
Best Players: A. Chandler, E. Archer, S. Henderson, G. Golds, R. Christgoergl , M. Tiernan