It was a tight contest all afternoon and the result was in doubt until the final siren halted proceedings. Happily, the Red and Blacks got the chocolates, held on to fourth spot and a two game break on fifth-placed Old Scotch.

Old Xaverians   4.0-24    7.1-43    10.5-65   10.10-70

Beaumaris        4.1-25      5.4-34    8.7-55    9.10-64

Goal Kickers: T. O'Brien 2, H. Brennan 2, B. Kennedy, T. Williamson, M. McKay, M. Batten, S. Stanley, W. Prowse
Best Players: J. Dalbosco, M. McKay, J. Gilbert, M. Batten, J. Hess, B. Kennedy