The Red 'n' Blacks got there in the end to stay unbeaten. 

Coach Sam Shaw had this to say:

We came out strong in the first half, but Old Scotch fought back hard to the point that we were down a couple of goals at the final change.

To the boys' credit, they dug deep in the last to get up by a couple of points. 

Sean Stanley and Jeremy Power proved instrumental inside as well as a couple of desperation efforts from Michael Batten at the start of the fourth in getting the game back on our terms.

Paddy Phillips was heavily involved in the midfield and forward, looking a cut above for most of the day, while Tom Williamson proved a solid target up forward, bagging 3 goals despite being out-numbered for most of the day. 

Tom Hart and Will Mantesso continued to string consistent performances together with sweeping roles across half back. 

While not our most complete performance, the group showed great character to turn around a poor third quarter showing and get the job done late. 

The boys definitely sung the song as loud as a Jack Gilbert goal celebration (credit Batten for this one).

Old Xaverians  5.3-33    7.4-46    10.6-66     13.8-86

Old Scotch       3.0-18    6.6-42    11.9-75      12.12-84

Goal Kickers: P. Phillips 3, T. O'Brien 2, T. Williamson 2, S. Stanley, B. Scala, H. Brennan, J. Gilbert, J. Hess, N. Russ
Best Players: P. Phillips, W. Mantesso, N. Russ, J. Power, T. Williamson, T. Hart