Is there a better experience than a trip to fish and chip shop by the beach?

Of course, I have ulterior motives, as I will be headed in the Beaumaris direction and Kevin O'Hanlon has recommended a few choices en route.

Now, it's not every day, or for that matter, every year, when I take the old Austin for a spin so far from home, but with the news coming through that young Ted Richards is going to be playing, I consider the 90 minute journey a worthwhile exercise.

Of course, I would dearly love to see the Red 'n' Blacks have another win, and I am sure they will. Last week's effort was strong, and despite being outmanned, I developed (or rediscovered) a little confidence in the task facing this year's vintage of Old Xavs.

It is indeed an interesting time for the VAFA game and the competition. This week's round looks interesting. Gavan Woodruff has shown me how to look up the various lineups on the VAFA website, though there aren't many clubs willing to list fewer than 35 starters. If this doesn't confuse coaches, it certainly confuses me.

On the card tomorrow, it's Blacks heading to Barts. A long trip for them too, but I suspect it will be successful. For some reason, I expect this Varsity team to rise like the phoenix it wears and get out of trouble. Against this is the tiny ground and the confidence that gives the home team. St Bart's are probably favourites, but not with me.

Old Trinity has sacked their coach. Awful stuff, as young Mr Andrews has done a great job with the Horned Frogs over a long period. Now the Ts must rely on player power. No look-in here for old friend Gerard Sholly to resurrect his head coaching role, but I see he will continue under a couple of their players until season's end. Once co-coaches were a novel experiment, now the Grasshoppers have twin playing coaches. It won't assist them tomorrow, as they bump into Blues under the spires. Tommy Girdwood plays his 250th for the home team and what an ornament to the game he is. One Uni type told me this week that Tom was a 'monument to the game". Well, he is as slow as the Uni Oval after a week of rain, but he does actually raise a gallop occasionally. Blues have this for the taking.

Old Melburnians are at HQ, home, the Old Trots Track and meet Collegians. This might just tell us how serious the Dark Blues are. I was shocked to see they had jumped the Old Xavs on the ladder, but whether this holds is yet to be seen. The Lions are an efficient lot and though they won't have it their own way all day, I suspect they will win.

St Kevin's host De La Salle, and Bernie Sheehy's boys would love to knock over the top-of-the-table Kevs. Sorry, it is not happening. Would love to see it, but it's just not in the tea leaves. 

As I mentioned, I will be headed down to Beaumaris. Please, somebody, bring some jumper cables and other car care emergency tools just in case I can't start the old rattler after the game.