An under-manned U19 Xavs outfit were led from pillar to post by an enthusiastic De La Salle at Stradbroke Park yesterday.

De La, a likely finalist, slammed through goals with regularity, while the home team offense was unusually becalmed.


Old Xaverians    1.1-7          1.2-8     4.4-28    8.6-54
De La Salle       7.1-43    10.4-64    15.9-99    21.12-138

Goal Kickers: A. MacIsaac 2, A. Sheedy, T. Hart, J. Catania, H. Bell, J. Unger, C. Holmes
Best Players: A. Sheedy, T. Hart, T. Simmons, P. Beaton, J. Lowe, F. Crameri