Dan Amicucci and Nick MacIsaac ripped old foe Beaumaris, recording a nineteen goal win at Stradbroke Park yesterday.

The Xavs moved into their work nicely, piling on 12 goals in a big second half. With six games remaining, the Rs are 10 points clear of third spot and just a game behind front-running Old Scotch.

Old Xaverians    5.5-35    8.8-56    14.13-97    20.17-137
Beaumaris            1.0-6      2.1-13       2.4-16        3.5-23

Goal Kickers: N. MacIsaac 4, J. Cowell 3, N. Harries 3, J. Christopher 3, S. Stevenson 2, A. Eden-Lachowicz 2, J. Taouk, L. Doquile, E. Jenkins
Best Players: D. Amicucci, H. Hall, N. MacIsaac, S. Stevenson, J. Cowell