Seven wins from nine and the mighty Xavs stay on top of the Winning Edge Club Championship. Just two slips this week, with the U19 Res falling to a strong Hampton Rovers team and the Crocs sent tumbling by the old foe Hawthorn Spartans. The Menages got their points early, winning on forfeit.




Old Xaverians won their sixth for the season and maintained first position when they defeated Old Carey at Toorak Park. Conditions were ideal for football, with occasional cloud that threatened, but did not deliver precipitation until the post-game.

The visitors showed intent from the outset, but the game was played for the main in the home teams front half, with the Panthers loading up numbers behind the ball. The pattern resembled a rugby game, where Carey relied on running the ball out of defence and then gave it a hefty boot when no short options were on offer. The wall of Xaverian defenders then began their next forward assault, trying to thread their way through the crowd by hand and foot.

As a spectacle, the game lacked plenty, but the Red ‘n’ Blacks will be happy with the winning margin and also the form of the four inclusions. Debutant Will Hams showed plenty of nip around the packs, and plenty under them too. Alex Browne performed solidly in his first senior game in ten months, Tom Anderson was strong at ball and body and Ben Banting slipped back into the back six with great aplomb.

The tactics made life difficult for the Claret and Stout forwards, but despite some inaccurate shooting, managed to pass the ton, which it has done in each of its wins this year.

Next week, a tilt at Collegians on the Trott. The Lions have seemingly awoken from their slow start and will likley pose problems for the X-Men. It must be said, however, that the Red ‘n’ Blacks usually perform solidly on this ground and against the Purples. The result will have a large impact on positions in the top four.

Old Xaverians 1.4-10 6.9-45 9.13-67 14.20-104

Old Carey 1.1-7 1.2-8 3.6-24 3.6-24

Goal Kickers: R. Bewick 3, N. Prowse 2, A. Browne 2, M. Handley 2, M. Batten, M. Margin, J. Holmes, M. Merlo, W. Hams

Best Players: W. Hams, F. Pearce, B. Olsson, B. Banting, J. Holmes, J. Dalbosco




Hardly the prettiest game anyone ever saw! It was a contest riddled with mistakes, with lowly Carey putting up excellent resistance and keeping the score close until the final term, when finally the Xavs seized on some opportunities.

Old Xaverians 1.4-10 1.7-13 2.8-20 5.10-40

Old Carey 0.4-4 1.5-11 1.9-15 3.10-28

Best: L. Denton, M. Parker, J. Tobin, M. Speakman, T. Beaton, T. Golds

Goalkickers: L. Denton, T. Beaton, J. Agius, T. Golds, P. Phillips



The Brownies stayed hot, beating Old Geelong at Como Park by a comfortable margin.

Team Manager Jackie Shields reports:

Four wins and two losses sees Murray Browne’s team positioned in a threatening third position on the 2019 Premier B Women’s ladder after Round 7. The Brownies hit their straps early in the first quarter against Old Geelong at Como Park, with a cracking goal by Captain Gabby Golds. Old Geelong responded three minutes before the siren to see a low-scoring first quarter and Old Xavs leading by but a point.

A scrappy but hard fought second term ensued with congestion in the forward-50. It was even-stevens at the half with only an additional point scored by Old Geelong in the next 20 minutes.  

The third quarter saw an onslaught of inside 50s, but a lack of conversions saw Old Xavs managing just one goal - magnificently kicked by Annabel Nichols.

After a tepid third quarter, the Old Xavs cranked up the intensity with a kick from Amy Benifer which sailed straight through the middle. All the action was to continue in the Old Xavs forward pocket with impressive marking and level of intensity resulting in a goal by Indiarna Ellis. The game finished as it started with a brilliant goal by Captain Gabby Golds in the final 55 seconds to see the Xavs come out on top.

Next Sunday sees a return to Xavier to meet Caulfield Grammarians, where the team will be looking for a victory as sweet as the complimentary morning tea!

Old Geelong 1.0-6 1.1-7 1.1-7 1.1-7

Old Xaverians 1.1-7 1.1-7 2.4-16 6.4-40

Best: A. Nicholls, C. Hickey, G. Golds, H. McLaren, M. Sorrenti, A. Benifer

Goal Kickers: G. Golds 2, A. Nichells 2, A. Benifer, I. Ellis



Jackie Shields reports:

Seven games. Six wins. One loss. A great season so far for Fran Moodie’s Premier B Reserve Reds. Addressing a somewhat nervous team in the change rooms pre-game, Coach Moodie’s comment was, “Old Geelong are top of the table – but they’re top of the table because they haven’t played us yet”. A bold statement some would say, but time would tell that this was based firmly on Fran’s faith in the hard work, determination and commitment displayed by the players in the previous six rounds.

The Reds came out guns blazingly for the most attacking first quarter they have had all season, catching Old Geelong off-guard. They played possession footy, attacking the ball and playing in front. Thirty seconds in saw a goal by Rachael Cox, Great tackling and strong defence saw the opposition with no points on the board on the siren with Sarah Ongarello adding to the Old Xavs total with her first goal for the day.

Old Geelong showed their form of old with a quick goal in the 2nd, but Chloe Psyhogios matched that five minutes later. Great work in the Old Xaxs backline resulted in a comfortable lead 1.2.8 v 3.2.20 despite a number of missed opportunities.

Not resting on their laurels, the Reds kept up their intensity resulting in a second goal from Sarah Ongarello late into the final quarter to take the win. As predicated, all the while staying hungry but humble and looking ahead to a 9:20am home game at Xavier on Sunday against Caulfield Grammarians.

Old Geelong 0.0 1.2-8 1.2-9 1.3-9

Old Xaverians 2.1-13 3.1-19 3.3-21 4.3-27

Best: A. Ryan, G. Wilson, R. Cox, Z. Manning, T. Weltner, N. Manthorpe

Goalkickers: S. Ongarello 2, C. Psyhogios, R. Cox




Another big victory kept the season spotless for the all-conquering Thirds.

Team Manager Bruce Wilson reports:

The big bodied Bernies imposed themselves on the game from the outset and dominated the first ten minutes. But then the cream began to rise to the top. With the physicality of Lucas Agnoletto bruising the opposition, the finesse of Cam Bishop and the mastery of Tom Fantasia in the back line, things got back on track fast. The maturity of our veteran crew in captain Charlie Wilson, brilliant play by Jack Bueno and Harry Kelly settled the boys down nicely. By quarter time, the X-Men had played a brilliant 25 minutes but had put only 7 points on the scoreboard, with inaccuracy again short-changing the effort.

The second quarter produced a 7.6 to zero drumming, with conversions to O’Brien (who had his best game of the season), Forrest, Carrol, Bueno, Bishop, and Agnoletto. The margin blew out, a result not of a submissive opposition, but a sublime and irresistible Xaverian lineup. Jack Unger was just amazing overhead and took 15 contested marks for the day. However, his 2.8 marred a great day out.

The third and forth quarters were replicas of the preceding, as the inaccuracy continued, but consistency all over the ground and NO weak points at all saw the team win a big victory. Beaton had his best game of the year and kicked a 50-metre bomb, as did Agnoletto and Bueno. Carroll was again flashy throughout the day and kicked 3 scintillating goals.

The back line was “the great wall” of Stradbroke: Beaton, Honan (again his best game), Bueno (delivering it out each time), Forrest, Nunan (who was on fire in the last quarter), Lowe, Impala (getting better and better), Ingham (a rock) and Fantasia (a star again) were rock solid.

The forward line was classy, with Unger presenting brilliantly. The returning Kelly, whose hands are second-to-none, spent some time on the ball with great result. Bailey and Nick Lefebvre had great games too.

Smith and Berry dominated the ruck, delivering the ball to Cam Bishop, Rooch Brennan, Impala, O’Reilly and Stanley!. With the solid work and leadership of Wilson, Xavs had a brilliant hard-fought win in windy conditions that cemented top position. Coach Healy is well pleased, though his hands are full with promoting players up the chain a further 8 to 10 players pressing for selection.

Thank you again to Tom Bergs, Rob Bergin, Ed Ralph, Anastasia (as always, the rock of Gibraltar), Mr Nunan, Will Wilson for boundary again, James Samartzis and all who help.

Go Xavs.

Old Xaverians 0.7-7 7.13-55 10.19-79 14.24-108

St Bernards 1.2-8 1.3-9 1.3-9 2.3-15

Goal Kickers: C. Bishop 3, J. Carroll 3, L. Agnoletto 2, J. Unger 2, J. Bueno, M. Forrest, P. Beaton, T. O’Brien

Best Players: L. Agnoletto, C. Bishop, J. Bueno, P. Nunan, J. Unger, N. Lefebvre

Click on these pics below to see the great photography work of Bridget Wilson.



A narrow win for the Stacked Decs as they survived a tight tussle with the CYs across the bridge. Willy can be a formidable opponent at home, and they kept the visitors honest all day. In the end, it was the X-Men who seized the points to keep them poised to take over top spot when DLS slips.

Williamstown CYMS 2.1-13 5.1-31 7.3-45 9.5-59

Old Xaverians 2.0-12 6.2-38 7.3-45 10.4-64

Goal Kickers: C. Whitehead 3, E. Sauze 3, T. Simmons 2, C. MacIsaac, T. Mantesso

Best Players: E. Sauze, J. Langford, C. MacIsaac, Z. Hart, O. Power, C. Whitehead



Hampton Rovers 2.1-13 4.8-32 6.9-45 11.13-79

Old Xaverians 4.1-25 4.3-27 4.5-29 4.7-31



Old Xaverians 1.4-10 2.4-16 4.9-33 5.10-40

Hawthorn 3.2-20 7.8-50 11.11-77 11.18-84