Nearly perfect, but for the Seniors’ lapse under the spires. Eleventh hour heroics land the Old Xavs eight victories on a day of miracles.




University Blues staked their claim for premiership favouritism when they blasted eight straight goals in a brilliant second term at Main Oval yesterday.

After a tense opening stanza, when Xavs looked the better team, the Varsity took over completely, their string of goals broken only in the dying minutes of the second term when Troiani floated through the Xavs’ fourth major.

The second half was a more even affair, though the visitors never threatened. Late fourth quarter goals gave the final score a modicum of respectability, but the Blues’ cues had long since been put in the rack.

Despite a massive effort from Jason Holmes, the Claret and Stout was thrashed in the midfield, which placed enormous pressure on the back six and starved the Forward set-up.

Xavs fell for the three-card trick from the earliest, allowing themselves to be distracted by the the Blues’ aggressive niggling.. The home team had an armchair ride from the umpires early, who managed to spot the responders while missing the initiators.

Blues ran aggressively and feasted on numerous errors of judgement and skill, and once their confidence was up, they seized control.

Luke Bisset made a strong return to senior football, and with Chris Margin, provided plenty of run. James Dalbosco was the best of a defence under constant siege, while Hayden Troiani tried to spark some energy around the ball.

One loss in six outings is of itself, little concern. Yesterday’s second term collapse will be assessed and examined, but it must also be fixed.

Uni Blues are loaded with class and will be there deep into September. The men in red and black know there’s some work to do to ensure they are there too.

University Blues 2.4-16 10.6-66 13.12-90 15.13-103

Old Xaverians 3.5-23 4.8-32 6.12-48 9.14-68

Goal Kickers: M. Margin 2, M. Handley, T. Gilbert, H. Troiani, H. Cullity, J. Holmes, R. Bewick, C. Margin

Best Players: C. Margin, J. Holmes, T. Gilbert, L. Bisset, J. Dalbosco, H. Troiani



Tim Golds returned to the line-up and to top form as the Red ‘n Blacks slapped down a third term challenge to their supremacy at the Varsity yesterday.

Xavs looked the stronger team in the first half, but could not convert that into sufficient scoreboard ascendancy. The third term belonged to the Blues, who finally got their game into full swing, though the visitors took their chances to stay in the game.

At lemon time, the scores were tied. The final term was tight, but the X Men ran out the game and nailed a strong win that elevated them into second spot.

Oliver Silk and Anthony Taouk received their first opportunities, but the latter suffered a knee injury that will need some attention. It was a sour note in a great victory.

University Blues 0.2-2 4.5-29 9.7-61 10.10-70

Old Xaverians 2.3-15 5.6-36 9.7-61 14.8-92

Best: T. Golds, E. Lachal, M. Speakman, A. Browne, H. Morris, J. Tobin

Goal Kickers: M. Peric 2, B. Kennedy 2, T. Beaton 2, A. Browne 2, C. Kennedy, H. Morris, M. Speakman, T. Golds, D. O’Loughlin, L. Barry.

WOX 1s


The Brownies took another scalp on Saturday as they clipped top-ranked Monash Blues by a goal at Frearson Reserve.

As befitting a contest between two of the competition’s better sides, it was a tight affair, with the Red ‘n’ Blacks scoring a goal in the final term to get over the top.

Jac Shields reports:

Blue skies Smiling at me, Nothing but blue skies Do I see. 

American jazz singer Ela Fitzgerald sums up perfectly the hard-fought tussle against MonashBlues which saw Old Xavs Blacks take a magnificent win. Three minutes in and a goal to Alice Keith! The response from the opposition was swift however – within 30 seconds, with another to boot. Vice-captain Grace Knox stepped up with a cracker of a goal finishing up a tight first quarter.

In the 2nd quarter, Jen Barker and Rachel Hickey came out guns blazing with a goal apiece. Rachel’s goal was lauded by supporters as being Eddie Betts-like, brilliantly booted from the boundary.

At half-time, it was an even contest, with both teams demonstrating why they with be contenders come the finals. All credit to the opposition for their impeccable marking and ability to hold their structure overall, especially in the forward line. This impacted the Xavs with a troubling no-points result on the board for the next 20 minutes 4.4.28 (Monash Uni) to 4.2.26 (Old Xavs). It was down to the wire for the final quarter.

As day turned to night, under the lights, the Blacks fired up and went on the attack. Grace Knox kicked a stupendous goal four minutes in. The back line structured well with everyone playing their role, focused on making not one, or two, but three efforts if needed to hold the lead for a 4.4.28 to 5.4.34 victory.

It was a close and fast moving match, which was thrilling to watch and played in great spirit!

Monash Blues 2.2-14 3.2-20 4.4-28 4.4-28

Old Xaverians 2.1-13 4.2-26 4.2-26 5.4-34

Goal Kickers: G. Knox 2, J. Barker, R. Hickey, A. Keith

Best Players: C. Rooks, J. Barker, M. Sorrenti, M. Purdon, R. Hickey, A. Livingstone



Another one for the Frantastics, as they edged Monash Blues in a low scoring affair at Frearson.

Jac Shields reports:

It was a win by a hair, by a nose, by a whisker! Whatever margin you like to use, a win is a win, which sees another 4 points in the bag for the Frantastics against the Monash Blues! They went in hard from the get go, belting two points in the first five minutes followed by a tremendous goal by Sarah Ongarello.

The Reds’ defence was at its finest holding off a strong and relentless attack by the opposition. They stayed disciplined despite trailing in the 2nd quarter by a goal.

Elise Ko, back from injury, showed terrific spirit booting a goal in the 3rd quarter to take the Reds to the lead. Sarah Ongarello finished the game as she started with another goal in the 4th, cementing the win with only a point in it!

The Frantastics are positioned second on the VAFA 2019 Premier B Reserve Women’s Ladder set to take on top of the table Old Geelong at Como Park next Saturday at 8.40am for what promises to be an almighty show down.

Monash Blues 1.2-8 2.3-15 2.3-15 3.4-22

Old Xaverians 1.2-8 1.3-9 2.5-17 3.5-23

Goal Kickers: S. Ongarello 2, E. Ko

Best Players: H. Ryan, T. Weltner, A. Ryan, E. Ko, S. Eeles, D. McLaren



St Kevins 2.2-14 3.4-22 5.7-37 6.11-47

Old Xaverians 2.2-14 7.7-49 12.9-81 19.14-128

Goal Kickers: C. Whitehead 4, C. MacIsaac 3, S. Stynes 3, B. Christopher 2, T. Simmons 2, A. Lamanna, C. Holmes, T. Mantesso, S. Asdagi, A. Spralja

Best Players: C. MacIsaac, S. Asdagi, J. Langford, C. Holmes



O’Shan’s 18 climbed over PEGS at the death to take the points at Stradbroke Park yesterday. The young Xavs, who regularly battle against the best U19s from other clubs, evened their season account at 3-3.

The Red ‘n’ Blacks were in everything from the beginning, but inaccuracy hurt the. By contrast, the Essendonians booted 8.0 to give them the early advantage.

Tim Barbakos kicked 4 goals in the third quarter to bring the Xavs back, setting up a tense final term. But PEGS slipped away and all appeared lost with Xavs down eight points late in the game. Xavs booted one, and then it was left to Nathan Jane to decide the contest. He did so with style.

Old Xaverians 4.4-28 6.7-43 11.7-73 14.10-94

PEGS 5.0-30 9.1-55 12.3-75 14.7-91

Best: Z. Connor, N. Jane, T. Barbakos, L. MacKinnon, C. Niall, N. Harries

Goal Kickers: T. Barbaos 6, N. Harries 3, N. Jane2, K Lowrey, F. McCombe, H. Sestan




Bailey Thomas booted eight and Jack Unger four as the U23s crushed Whitefriars at Stradbroke yesterday.

Team Manager Bruce Wilson reports:

The boys raced away to a 152-point win over Whitefriars at the house of pain, Straddie Park.

The story of the day was four very consistent quarters with 5 goals in the first, 10 in the second, 7 in the third and 7 in the 4th. Again, if we could only convert half of the 18 points, the score would truly represent the talent of the forward line.

In the forward line, big Velks who has had a brilliant season, did not have his best game but at each opportunity bought the ball to ground for the mosquito pack to pounce. Ed Ralph continued his solid marking and a goal but unfortunately in the 3rd quarter, he was brutally slung to the ground with a crude tackle and left the ground with concussion. We wish him the best. Impala, Rooch, Stanley chipped in with great goals while running all day with gusto and taking the opposition on at each opportunity.

Jack Unger showed his talent in the air with huge leaps and great marking and was bought int the forward line in the 3rd and 4th quarters allowing him to convert 4 brilliant goals. Speaking of brilliant goals, Gus Lachal kicked a ripper on the run.

Jack Carroll is improving week by week and on the run, there is not many better with another 3-goal effort and finesse. Agnoletto converted 3 as well as using his big frame across the field to intimidate the opposition. Speaking of intimidation, it is great to have the big units in Forrest and Beaton leading the way with every opposition player not smart enough to get in their way when they are forging forward! This instils huge confidence among the mosquito fleet to “do their thing”!

Lachie Berry and Matt Smith continued where they left off last week and again dominated the ruck all day. Each time they delivered the ball to the likes of Rooch, O’Reilly, Stanley, Lachel and a special call out to Cam Bishop who had another “Cracker”! He had the ball on a string and at one stage from the centre tap got the ball, ran to centre half forward and kicked a 50-meter bomb through the posts! Wow.

The ball did not get down the back line much but when it did, I think only 6 goals for the day speaks volumes. Bueno, Forrest, Nunan, Beaton and Lowe all had good games and a special mention to Tom Ingham for great marks and deliveries in the line of defence.

Will Honan was all over the field and was very impressive with marking, speed and contested ball. On the wing and half back line Captain Charlie Wilson had his best game of the year and was leading by example with precision kicking, tackling including a 3rd quarter hanger. Again, Matt Lowe was in the money and is improving week on week.

We leave the best for last and with 8 goals, terrific marking, solid body on body work Bailey “Burger” Thomas takes the chocolates . A great effort and although he will thank those who delivered the ball from up the field with precision.

Coach Healy was very pleased and pleased the foot was not taken off the pedal. Also, proud that the boys stuck up for their mates when the odd elbow or forearm was not called for from the opposition. Focus on the ball and scoreboard was the directive and it showed.

Again, thank you to Anastasia, Tommy Bergin assistant coach, Rob Bergin goal umpire extraordinaire, Eddy Wilson scoreboard, Thomas Fantasia waterboy, Soc O’Brien boundary, Tony Fantasia timekeeper, James Samartzis runner with a mission ,and for the last quarter Mr Bishop on the scoreboard.

Old Xaverians 5.4-34 15.12-102 22.15-147 29.18-192

Whitefriars OC 0.1-1 2.2-14 4.4-28 6.4-40

Goal Kickers: B. Thomas 8, J. Unger 4, J. Carroll 3, C. Bishop 3, L. Agnoletto 3, H. Brennan 2, G. Lachal, C. Impala, E. Ralph, W. Honan, J. Bueno, S. Stanley

Best Players: B. Thomas, H. Brennan, C. Bishop, M. Smith, C. Wilson, M. Lowe

Pics below courtesy of Bridget Wilson.



Old Xavs defeated Uni Blacks at Crawford in a tight tussle that went down to the wire. Having booted and celebrated his 200th goal, Josh “Tooka” Hanger soared late and topped his celebration with a last gasp goal to give the Red ‘n’ Blacks the win.

Ash Sorrenti, playing #100, booted two goals and was high among the better players in the win.

University Blacks 1.5-11 5.5-35 8.7-55 10.10-70

Old Xaverians 1.1-7 6.4-40 8.6-54 11.9-75

Goal Kickers: A. Sorrenti 2, J. Hanger 2, T. Negri, J. Preece, S. Grigg, A. Ongarello, J. Buffon, V. Crisafi, F. Lane

Best Players: T. Negri, A. Ongarello, A. Sorrenti, J. Blake, G. Haddan, J. Hanger



Nick Russ was best afield and Josh Lyon booted five as the Reptiles survived a late lunge from Mazenod to win at Wellington Reserve.

The Diles lead at the lemons seemed strong enough, but the Nodders came hard in the last, restricting the Green Hose to a solitary major. As it transpired, that was enough to eke out a narrow win.

Mazenod 2.2-14 5.5-35 5.6-36 9.10-64

Old Xaverians 4.3-27 4.4-28 9.7-61 10.7-67

Goal Kickers: J. Lyon 5, L. Cotchett 2, N. Corcoran, H. Reed, J. McDonnell
Best Players: N. Russ, J. McDonnell, N. Corcoran, J. Smith, J. Lyon, H. Reed