The Crocs won their first, the Frantastics won their third on end, and the U23s, Menages and U19s stayed unbeaten and clear in top spot. The Seniors rolled on, smiting DLS and registering their highest score at Toorak Park since mid-2013, when the Red ‘n’ Blacks caned Uni Blues by 77 points.


Toorak Park has in recent years been the venue for many gripping clashes between today’s two combatants, and for the first sixteen minutes, it looked as if this was likely to be another one. The Bellers opened with two goals and were running hard finding space and troubling the home team.

At fifteen minutes, Brendan Goss kicked truly from distance, but the Blue and Golds raced down to the High Street end and put their third on the board. In this young season, Xavs had never trailed at the first change, but the crowd sensed that streak was over.

Their judgement was lacking, as it transpired. The young defence settled, the midfield took over and the home team added six goals in fifteen minutes to not only maintain their opening quarter record, but to slam the gate shut on any thoughts of an upset. Rohan Bewick, closely attended in the midfield, had wandered forward and was responsible for three goals.

The Claret and Stout dominated the second stanza, but wasted some opportunities in the tricky breeze. Nonetheless, they increased their lead, with Cauley Beetham finding the Sherrin at will, and Hayden Troiani’s energy and speed setting up numerous attacks.

A seven goal lead at the half wasn’t enough to satisfy the faithful, though the rain came intermittently, making conditions slippery and threatening further progress. But the X-Men pushed on, adding another five majors in the third period, one of them a long bomb from James Dalbosco, his first goal in senior company.

His former U19 premiership teammates Alex Trigar and Tom Hart led a solid and enterprising rebound defence, while acting captain Matt Merlo and pacy wingster Campbell Lane kept the statisticians busy.

There was still more to come in the closing frame. Bewick and Handley both booted their fifth as the unbeaten Xavs gave coach Satterley a big win over his former club.

And so to Xavier College and date with Old Brighton on the Roche. The Tonners are back in solid form and have beaten both 2018 grand finalists in the past fortnight, after falling to Uni Blues and DLS prior to Easter. It is another chance for the Xavs to establish its credentials.

Old Xaverians 7.2-44 11.6-72 16.12-108 21.14-140

De La Salle 3.2-20 4.3-27 5.5-35 8.6-54

Goal Kickers: R. Bewick 5, M. Handley 5, B. Goss 3, H. Troiani 2, T. Gilbert 2, M. Margin 2, M. Batten, J. Dalbosco

Best Players: H. Troiani, C. Beetham, A. Trigar, T. Hart, M. Merlo, R. Bewick


De La Salle came in to Toorak Park undefeated, but it wasn’t long before the Red ‘n’ Blacks set about changing that.

Harry Batten and Tom Beaton shared the three goals in the first, and with the Xavs’ defence providing stern opposition, the Blue and Golds struggled to ignite.

The second stanza saw straighter shooting from the home team, as they rattled on five goals and take a 40 point lead to the half-time break.

The guns fell silent in the third stanza, however, as DLS outscored the X-Men by three goals. To win, they would need to do so again in the last term. It wasn’t to be be. The Red and Black machine ground into action again and added three goals to none, doubling De La’s score by the time the final siren blew.

Old Xaverians 3.3-21 8.3-51 8.5-53 11.9-75

De La Salle 0.3-3 1.5-11 4.9-33 4.13-37

Goal Kickers: T. Beaton 3, M. Peric 2, C. Kennedy, P. Phillips, M. Parker, H. Batten, J. Anderson, M. Douglas

Best Players: H. Batten, C. Kennedy, J. Barrack, C. Woodley, J. Anderson, T. Parker


Jacs Shields reports:

There was limited joy for the Murray Browne’s Premier B (Blacks) team on Saturday at Gordon Barnard Reserve.

A few lucky goals went the opposition Old Camberwell’s way, however their ability to spread more effectively, get in front and win the contest, saw them convincingly take and retain the lead.

Our ability to repeatedly win the tap was as impressive as the double rainbow which momentarily appeared during the game. The pot of gold was not to be ours despite being great in the ruck being unable to match an overall solid performance throughout the game by the Home team.

The Blacks are looking to take stock and bounce back all guns blazing for next week’s Home game at Xavier College.

Old Camberwell 1.0-6 4.1-25 5.3-33 6.6-42

Old Xaverians 0.0-0 1.0-6 2.0-12 2.0-12

Goal Kickers: C. Rooks, I. Ellis
Best Players: C. Hickey, G. Golds, J. Barker


Jacs Shields reports:

The game was as hot and cold as the weather for both Old Xavs and Old Camberwell at Gordon Barnard Reserve in Balwyn North on Saturday. Three missed opportunities resulting in behinds saw Old Xavs take a shaky lead in the 1st quarter. The opposition then rallied in the 2nd quarter with a goal and a point. The Frantastics matched their efforts with two scrappy goals in wet slippery conditions in the 3rd. Belting it forward, locking it in with cleaner possessions and being present at the contests, saw the Old Xavs kick another two points and take the Red hot win! 

Old Camberwell 0.0-0 1.1-7 1.1-7 1.1-7

Old Xaverians 0.3-3 1.3-9 3.5-23 3.5-23


Goal Kickers: S. Ongarello 2, R. Cox 
Best Players: S. Eeles, B. Robertson, T. Tupou, H. Ryan, Z. Manning, M. Slingo


Team Manager Bruce Wilson reports:

On a typical overcast May Melbourne day, the U23’s played near-perfect footy.

To be fair, the tight ground combined with swirly conditions made for tough footy and some of the near misses can be excused.

From the get-go, Smith, Berry and Fantasia dominated the ruck delivering the midfield with pinpoint accurate tap work to Wilson, Bishop, Amad, Bueno, Agnoletto and Turner. With slick hand and footwork, the ball was delivered with pin-point accuracy to Mantesso, Ralph and the big dukes of Velkjovic. With crumbing from Barr and Nunan, the goals were streaming.

In the first quarter, OX was reasonably inaccurate. Coach Healy laid down the law emphasising the best use of the conditions and looking for a player in a better position. It worked as the second quarter saw 9 goals 2 points . Good performances by Tiernan, Honan and Impala having their best games. We also welcomed back Jack Carroll, who showed his class and with a few more games under his belt will be an imposing all-rounder!

The drizzle arrived at the commencement of the 3rd quarter which made conditions and the ball slippery. To the credit of our boys, the use of the ball by hand and foot was superb and by the end of the quarter they had converted 6 goals 2 points only allowing the OBG to 2 points. Full credit goes to the back line with Silk, Scala, O’Rielly, Speakman, Turner, Leebvre, and Unger repelling every entry from the OBG boys.

Fierce and tough footy witnessed a bruising 4th quarter and several injuries to key players. We had lost earlier in the day Tommy Amad and by the end of the game we had Will Mantesso off with a shoulder injury, Barr with a big toe issue and Barr with a slight concussion.  The good news for the U23’s is the depth and skill that Healy and Bergin have to draw upon for the rounds to come.

Key highlights today were the all-round team effort and unselfish play, it is building into a tight and respectful team under the leadership of veteran Charlie Wilson. Big Velkjovic was superb in front of goal and when required, if not marking, he was locking the ball in and passing off for others to score. Jack Bueno was brilliant running off the back line and delivering ace up each time. Cam Bishop driving at 110% intensity, Ed Ralph was magnificent overhead continuing from last week’s domination. For Ed, accuracy is his only enemy, his 4 goals 5 points could have been 9. His last quarter mark running against the flow of play into a pack was courageous and quality.

The final score was testament to a great team effort.

To our volunteers and helpers, you are the life blood and the contribution does not go unnoticed. Thanks to Stanley for a second week, Rob Bergin, Argy, Anastasia, Thomas, Forrest, Fanta’s dad Tony. To coach Healy and Bergin, a big well done.

Old Xaverians 5.7-37 14.9-93 20.11-131 24.14-158

Old Brighton 1.0-6 2.2-14 2.4-16 4.4-28

Goal Kickers: W. Veljkovic 5, C. Bishop 4, E. Ralph 4, S. Turner 3, C. Impala 2, M. Speakman, J. Carroll, J. Bueno, J. Unger, N. Nunan, W. Mantesso

Best Players: C. Bishop, W. Veljkovic, J. Bueno, B. Scala, J. Carroll, E. Ralph


The Menages stayed unbeaten with a narrow win over St Bernard’s. Inaccuracy around the sticks might have proven fatal, but three goals from six shots in the last was enough to top the Snow Dogs.

St Bernards 0.1-1 4.7-31 5.7-37 7.10-52

Old Xaverians 1.5-11 3.6-24 4.12-36 7.15-57

Goal Kickers: J. Hanger 2, F. Lane, A. Sorrenti, M. Tempone, M. Owen, D. Nash

Best Players: A. Sorrenti, H. Sleeman, S. Franklyn, J. Smarrelli, J. Hanger, J. Delutis


Charlie MacIsaac’s five goal BOG performance headlined the Xavs’ destruction of Old Carey. After a competitive first half, the Red ‘n’ Blacks booted thirteen goals without response to win by 98 points.

Old Carey 1.1-7 5.3-33 5.5-35 5.5-35

Old Xaverians 4.4-28 7.4-46 12.9-81 20.13-133

Goal Kickers: C. MacIsaac 5, T. Simmons 3, T. Mantesso 3, A. Sheedy 2, S. Stynes 2, C. Holmes, S. Asdagi, L. Soccio, O. Power, A. Lamanna

Best Players: C. MacIsaac, D. Jones, P. Bourke, C. Holmes, E. Sauze


Old McKinnon/Glen Eira 0.0 0.0 0.0 8.20-68

Old Xaverians 0.0 0.0 0.0 4.6-30

Goal Kickers: H. Ferrari, B. Christopher, N. MacIsaac, J. Christopher
Best Players: C. Kelly, H. Ferrari, C. O'Loughlin, T. Cartwright, W. Bryce


Old Xaverians 10 11 71

Old Carey 9 9 63
Goal Kickers: L. Cotchett 4, H. Reed, J. McDonnell, A. Wood, J. Lyon, J. Kentish, M. Perrett
Best Players: H. Reed, L. Cotchett, A. Wood, J. Kentish, J. Smith, T. Lyon