Three goals from Harry Lachal and a best on ground performance from the returning Al wood ensured the Diles took the points against old rival Prahran Assumption.

The four Blues led at quarter time, but by yhe half, the Crocs had gained the lead and went on to win comfortably.

Old Xaverians                         1.4-10    7.5-47    9.6-60    12.9-81
Prahran Assumption AFC       2.1-13    6.2-38    6.3-39     8.5-53

Goal Kickers: H. Lachal 3, J. Silk 2, T. Lyon 2, A. Wood, D. Landrigan, B. Lyon, T. Silk, S. O''Brien
Best Players: A. Wood, J. Donohoe, H. Denton, T. Lyon, H. Lachal, M. McLean