Big blond Billy Curtis slammed home four and dominated all afternoon as the Xaverian U23s crushed the Collegians team at the Trott.

Tommy Giliberto also slotted four as the Reds sped away to a 100 point victory, ensuring at least another week atop the table for this unbeaten team.


Collegians                 0.3-3      0.6-6       1.8-14       1.14-20
Old Xaverians Red    3.1-19    8.4-52    14.6-90    18.12-120

Goal Kickers: B. Curtis 4, T. Giliberto 4, J. Whitehead 3, A. Taouk 2, A. Amato, B. Delutis, L. Schifferle, T. O''Brien, J. Norman
Best Players: B. Curtis, C. Bishop, T. Giliberto, J. Bueno, W. Wilson, A. Amato