For the second Saturday on end, Old Xaverians picked up all 28 premiership points on offer, thus handing over the quest for perfection to the WOX, who battle Old Geelong in two important contests tomorrow morning at Xavier.




Ten years ago in Round 10, under bright blue skies, Xavs sneaked past De La Salle before a crowd that ringed the Dairy Bell fence four deep. Everyone, seasoned watchers included, agreed it was among the greatest games ever seen in VAFA football. The game spawned a decade of close and spirit contests between the two teams.

Today, there was plenty of spirit, but the prospect of a contest disappeared more quickly than the morning sun. as the X-Men burst into action from the first bounce. The home team attempted resistance, but was swept aside by the brute strength and ruthless intent of the Red ‘n‘‘ Blacks.

The Bellers, starved of possession, could not mount any significant challenge, while the visitors powered on, keeping the goal umpires busy.

Will Hams led the charge for the Claret and Stout, with 27 disposals before the half. He finished with 50, three of them goals. Rohan Bewick was the other midfield standout, lapping up the hard work and drifting forward to boot four majors, while debutant Dan Robinson was also prolific across the middle.

The tall forwards, Handley, Matt Margin and Nick Prowse booted nine between them, benefitting from some sound delivery.

At the other end of the park, the back six remained strong, providing run and rebound, as well as strangling most De La offensives.

With Uni Blues lowering their colours at St Bernard’s, the Red ‘n’ Blacks are now two games plus healthy percentage clear in first place. Judging by today’s dominant effort, they won’t be letting up any time soon.

De La Salle 0.0-0 1.1-7 3.4-28 4.4-28

Old Xaverians 5.5-35 12.9-81 14.11-95 22.17-149

Goal Kickers: M. Handley 5, R. Bewick 4, M. Margin 3, W. Hams 3, D. Symeopoulos 2, F. Pearce, D. Robinson, C. Margin, H. Troiani, N. Prowse

Best Players: W. Hams, R. Bewick, M. Margin, C. Margin, T. Anderson, B. Olsson



Early inaccuracy from the Old Xavs ensured the contest remained tight, and with De La surging in the second term, there seemed a possibiity that the home team might repeat last season’s upset win at Dairy Bell.

Not so. After the long break, the Red ‘n’ Blacks found more. With Brendan Goss booting five and Matt Douglas dominant, the Xavs bolted away to secure their ninth consecutive victory.

Chris Prowse and Alex Browne showed plenty, while Joe Tobin was ever-reliable in defence.

Next week, a return bout with Old Melburnians, their R1 nemesis.

De La Salle 1.4-10 4.5-29 6.6-42 6.8-44

Old Xaverians 3.7-25 5.10-40 9.12-66 12.18-90

Goalkickers: B.Goss 5, M. Douglas 2, H. Morris, P. Phillips, M. Parker, T. Anderson, C. Kennedy

Best Players: M.Douglas, J. Tobin, C. Prowse, A. Browne, B. Goss, H. Batten



Team Manager Bruce Wilson reports:

Scotch College was host for the day and our game was first of 9 games for the day. Peter Simpson, past OX GM, provided us with preferential treatment which did not go unnoticed and was much appreciated. Coach Healy set the tone stating the obvious that as first game up we will be spending the first few quarters battling wet and dewy conditions and ourselves.

I have said it before – with the combination of slippery conditions and a team determined to knock us off, the Cardinals came to play and the first quarter was best described as ugly. At first break only one point separated both teams.

The OX team was chock full or talent, even with the list of absentees we welcomed back to the fold quality players like Dan O’Loughlin, Jack Hewitt, Jordan Troiani, and Will Mantesso, who played super football.

Even in the tough conditions, the voluminous Meares Oval allowed for “switch and quick break football” for the faster OX boys and the result was possibly the best quarter of football for the year. Seven goals to zero for the quarter and brilliant passages of play bring cheers from the large supporter base including President Cosgrove and committee man Damien Berry.

Highlights galore and we were not disappointed with brilliance from Captain Wilson, Bishop, Berry – continuing his breakout season – Brennan, Harry Kelly, Mantesso, Bueno and Jack Unger who was starting to present himself in the forward line with aplomb.

A few standout highlights of the quarter was the long bomb by Callum O’Reilly 45 metres out to convert with no-one in the crowd backing him, but those powerful thighs saw him the winner and Will Wilson flashing down the wing delivery the ball 45 metres low and lace out to Mantesso.

The third quarter can be summarised by in 4 words – “rock solid back line”. Simple. Honan was brilliant as were Velkjovic, the fridge Forrest, Impala, Ingham, Lowe and Nunan. Silk had stages in the centre and up back and again had a cracker. A quarter highlight was the 65 degree angle off the ground snap by Ben Scala, converting for goal of the year. As Ben told fans after the game, “I’d put in my top 50, probably.” Whatever, it was four goals to zip for the quarter.

All good things must come to an end and it appeared our boys had put the cue in the rack and allowed the Cardinals four cheap, but well deserved goals to our one. But the damage had been done and another win for the undefeated Thirds leaving us two games clear on top of the ladder.

Thanks to Bailey Thomas, Tom and Rob Bergin, Anastasia, Fantasia, James S for their brilliant support. Next week we travel out east to play Whitefriars.

Old Scotch 1.4-10 1.7-13 1.10-16 5.10-40

Old Xaverians 1.5-11 8.11-59 12.15-87 13.18-96

Goal Kickers: W. Mantesso 3, C. Bishop 2, D. O'Loughlin 2, H. Kelly, H. Brennan, C. O'Reilly, J. Troiani, B. Scala, T. O''Brien

Best Players: C. Bishop, C. Wilson, J. Bueno, W. Wilson, P. Nunan, L. Berry

Pics below from Bridget Wiison. Click to enlarge.



Six big ones from Fraser Lane and five from Michael “Zulu” Cain boosted the Red and Blacks to a big win over St Bernard’s at Stradbroke Park.

The Menages got away to a brilliant start and continued to press all afternoon, increasing their margin to 89 points at the final siren.

Old Xaverians 7.3-45 12.8-80 15.9-99 21.11-137

St Bernards 1.1-7 3.2-20 5.4-34 7.6-48

Goal Kickers: F. Lane 6, M. Cain 5, M. Owen 3, A. Sorrenti, J. Hanger, S. Grigg, J. Preece, J. Buffon, J. Morrison, A. Ongarello

Best Players: J. Buffon, F. Lane, M. Cain, M. Owen, J. McElhinney, S. Grigg

Great pics blow from Eugene Smarrelli - click ‘em to enlarge.




Five goals from Tom Simmons and a dominating display from big man Ollie Fraser fired a 90 point victory for the Old Xavs over last season’s finalist Caulfield Grammarians.

It was a complete four quarter effort from the Red ‘n’ Blacks, who restricted the Fields to three goals in each half. Tom Mantesso and Charlie Whitehead nailed three apiece in supporting roles.

Caulfield Grammarians 1.2-8 3.2-20 6.4-40 6.5-41

Old Xaverians 6.3-39 10.8-68 15.10-100 20.11-131

Goal Kickers: T. Simmons 5, T. Mantesso 3, C. Whitehead 3, S. Stynes 2, J. Lowe, Z. Hart, O. Fraser, T. Barbakos, E. Sauze, D. Condon, H. Ralph

Best Players: O. Fraser, A. Lamanna, J. Ayton-Delaney, Z. Hart, D. Condon, T. Simmons




The trip to Keysborough posed few problems as the Old Xavs rolled over Old Mentonians, doubling their score.

Ollie Tehan booted two in a BOG performance, leading a team that is fast finding its feet.

Old Mentonians 6.4-40

Old Xaverians 10.20-80

Goal Kickers: O. Tehan 2, W. Sheedy 2, W. Johnston, J. Christopher, N. McGrath, T. Davine, N. Harries, Z. Connor

Best Players: O. Tehan, T. Davine, Z. Connor, W. Johnston, C. Boots, T. Burger




Veteran Luke Cotchett starred as the Diles avenged their R1 defeat in a tight tussle at Stradbroke Park.

The Green Hose are now just percentage out of the top four.

Old Xaverians 3.1-19 5.4-34 7.9-51 10.12-72

WIlliamstown CYMS 1.1-7 4.5-29 7.5-47 10.6-66

Best Players: L. Cotchett, H. Aikman, L. Bosnar, J. Lucchesi, J. Smith, H. Reed