QH recently chatted with three of our WOX stars: Eliza Christie, Genevieve Rathgeber and Riley Christgoergl

QH: How was your first year of footy at Old Xavs?

GR: I've had an amazing first season with Old Xavs. The coaching staff and returning girls were really inclusive and supportive from the start of preseason through to our last game together.

QH: What was your highlight of the 2018 season?

EC: Hands down it was the win against SKOB Saints, we won by 2 points and it was our first win of the season. The girls worked so hard for it I was so proud of them!

QH: Riley what was your favourite moment of the season?

RC: One of my most favourable moments was seeing all the girls just put everything on the line in the final game and a lot of girls showed some exceptional skills and game play

QH: Genevieve, how did it feel winning the players player award, as picked by your team members?

GR: It felt incredible, I'd had such an amazing season getting to know and play with all the girls in the reds. I couldn't have picked a better group of girls to play my first season with and I'm so grateful they enjoyed playing with me as much as I enjoyed playing with them.

QH: Riley, how did you feel winning the premier women’s players player award from your teammates?

RC: It was a huge honour to be awarded and feel so much support from the girls. It will be one of my proudest moments to date. This season was more difficult given we had a bad run with some serious injuries from game 1 as a lot of girls had a lot asked of them and I believed all stepped up and gave their best to the teams.

QH: Eliza, apparently you work at Coles head office and knock off drinks on Friday afternoons get pretty rowdy more often than not, how do you do Friday work drinks when you have a 9:20am game the next morning?

EC: Working for Coles liquor does mean Fridays can get out of hand, when we have those early games it’s all about the pre-game strategy with a Berocca around 5pm before drinks and then going one for one on the waters and drinks. And if all else fails a pre game Diet Coke whilst grim usually does the trick.

QH: There’s also been a rumour going around for a while Gen that you get your nails professionally done at the salon every 2 weeks, how did playing a sport like footy go with that? Did your nails survive?

GR: Well, though I had to sacrifice the usual length, I just had the people at the nail salon add more layers. That was before I started doing them myself because some things you have to make sure are done right.