QH: You’re sleeping in a Hostel for the night, do you?

a)     Put PJ’s/Underwear on and sleep under the blanket

b)     BYO sleeping bag? Hostels are dirty…

c)     Sleep naked on top of the bed for all to see

TD: c) - The humidity was unbearable.

QH: Please put into words the feeling of being ‘nuffed up’?

When the lights are on but nobody is home.

QH: Two part question:

You lost your car keys on Sorrento front beach late one evening. How did you lose them?

TD: In a Shakespearean moment they fell out of my pocket and I paid a heavy price for not immediately searching to retrieve them.  

QH: How did you get your car back to Melbourne?

TD: Shanks drove me back to Sorrento the following weekend, where I had to get it towed to the nearest Ford dealership (Rosebud) and they kindly cut me a new key.

Dynon 3.jpg

QH: The only way to eat a counter meal steak is?

TD: Eat the chips first so they don’t get cold. Cleanse the palate with the salad. Then eat the steak. It’s excellent for the digestive system.

QH: How did you get the nickname ‘Shovel’?

Year 9 school camp. It just stuck. (Editor’s note: the information we heard differed – while camping Tim was regularly seen with the shovel as he was frequently heading out to the woods to relieve himself)

QH: Best post-flag operator?

TD: Tyson Thomas, fun follows the man.

QH: Best FT operator and best FT you’ve been on?

TD: Probably Hong Kong, Sydney a very close second. Shaw & Wynne travel well in tandem.

QH: Who is the best club supporter/fossil you’ve encountered over the journey?

TD: All of them (special mention to Terry Landrigan).

QH: How do you prepare yourself to play on two men every weekend?

TD: Minimal preparation is required. Blame the rotations (Dish), the midfielders or Wynne if one of them kick a goal.

QH: You find a dead body in the backyard – which team mate do you call first to help you out?

TD: Chris Waller. I trust him and he’d know what to do.

QH: How does it feel to be retired by the club?

TD: It wasn’t mutual. I didn’t see it coming.