QUICK HANDS: Rohan Bewick

QH: Ro, welcome formally to Quick Hands. How’s the process been settling into life as a member of the OXFC?

RB: I’ve enjoyed every minute I've spent at the club so far. The boys have been great and everyone from the coaching staff, players, admin to of all the support staff have been very welcoming.

QH: Whose impressed you the most on field so far?

RB: My man Truck/ Trucka / Trucker? Not sure of his real name (QH: Confirming when Truck was named in the Reserves for Round 1 with just his nickname – Pep received multiple texts asking who he was. Real name Michael Speakman FYI) but I’ve loved the way he goes about his training and footy. I tell Satts weekly he has to play him in the ones, so hopefully I’ll get to play with him soon.

QH: What about off-field?

RB: The Anderson boys, the best part of Tuesday training is finding out what they got up to over the weekend.

QH: Speaking of off-field. We worked the networks to get some background on you pre-OXFC. Word is you were big on the festival circuit back in the day. What was your go to and were white sunnies mandatory?


RB: Huge identity crisis as a teenager, went to a pretty bogan high school... This pic is not long after I got rid of the dreadlocks and eyebrow piercing. Being from Perth and having Bali a quick flight away, we would go often and load up on the white Oakley’s - They were a big hit as an 18-year-old. But yeah, was right in to the festivals back in the day.

QH: We also believe you rated your off-field fashion. Talk us through your kit to your Year 12 Formal?


RB: My actual formal kit was probably worse. This was a year after I graduated and this lovely young lady asked me to come to her school’s formal with her, she was dressed in yellow so she made me get a matching tie... The hair is doing way too much as well. 

QH: Back to football matters. Who was the most interesting team mate during your time at Brisbane?

RB: Very easy one, Rhys Matheison AKA Beastmode. Absolute ripping kid but interesting sums him up well.

QH: Unfortunately, we can’t find the footage in the archives but it’s known that you dropped what would’ve easily been Mark of The Year during your career. Can you recall the moment?

RB: Just Google “Rohan Bewick drops Mark of the Year”. I remember it all too well and I don’t want to talk about it. It keeps me up at night.

QH: Upon receiving Ro’s answer we revisited the archives – footage found here for those at home: https://www.afl.com.au/video/2014-03-30/mark-of-the-year-slips-through-lions-fingers

QH: Given the success above – does your twin brother frequently get stopped in the street with people asking about said almost mark?

RB: At least 7 times a day


QH: We hear you’re a keen golfer. Say we team up a round at the National for this weekend – What three team mates are you bringing along to play with you and why?

 RB: I like to take my golf seriously when I play so it would probably be the other keen golfers like Dennis and Goldsy. Gossy seems to have found an interest in golf lately so I'd probably bring him along to give him a quick lesson.