QUICK HANDS: Louis Denton

QH: You recently purchased a house (QH: Congratulations) with Xavs own Josh Anderson (QH: Bad luck). Two big alpha males in the same space was always going to be recipe for disaster and we’ve heard things have boiled over. What is the history here? And what’s your next move in this ongoing battle?

LD: This is interesting... not often do you come home after a long day at work ready for Bed and there’s a full-blown security camera installed in your bedroom staring at you right in the face.

L.D Q.H.jpg

Payback was to transfer Josh’s entire bedroom into an outdoor haven for a night. 

L.D QH.jpg

QH: Some of the VAFA’s best talent were sent to Ireland over the break, is it true you invited yourself as ‘water carrier’?

LD: Can confirm that my invitation was lost in the mail but they now call me “Unders Denton” (QH: Louis asked if we could insert his now infamous goal. We decided against it)

QH: Last year you were swamped with controversy after getting caught, and subsequently suspended for urinating on the oval during play. However, this isn’t first time this has occurred, with you once doing something similar over a past partners bedroom wall. Care to explain yourself?

LD: Still getting blamed for what the cat did... Unbelievable!  

QH: Not known for your fashion, you’ve recently been spotted using a “poisonous” red Louis Vuitton kit bag to games and training. Where did you get your inspiration? And who do you think is the most fashionable at the club?

LD: If it’s good for notorious McGregor to put his gloves in there... it’s good enough to put my 11:40am boots in there. Most fashionable at the club hands down Ben Banting only bloke I know who can pull off bootleg jeans and New Balance joggers on game day. 

QH: It’s game day, and you’re waiting in-line for a coffee at Toorak Park, to your astonishment, you’ve forgotten your wallet. Of the playing list, who is the least likely to shout you? 

LD: We already know the answer to this one, Number 5 (QH: Cauley Beetham) but second to him has to be Tommy Amad.

QH: It came as a shock to many that the Xavs were allowed back to Boutique for MayDay this year (QH: Tickets are still on-sale!). What did you do in 2017 that may make people find our return surprising?

LD: No comment. New Year, New me. 

QH: You get to pick one player to have a shot after the siren to win this weekend? The catch, however, is that if they kick it, you’re handcuffed together for the next 24 hours, if they miss, it’s a week. Who do you choose and why?

LD: Trig without a doubt. Love what he does both on and off the field.

QH: Finally, Helloworld are one of our terrific partners, as a man who loves to travel, where’s your next trip?

LD: Russia!