QUICK HANDS: Jason Holmes

QH: What have you noticed as the biggest difference between St. Kilda and Old Xavs so far?

 JH: I think the biggest difference I’ve noticed at Old Xavs is this pride and ownership of the club by the players, members, ex-players, and the entire Old Xaverian community. In the AFL, you never really know where you’re going to end up playing, but here at Old Xavs you know this is your club and there's not much, if anything that would change that.

 QH: Which team mate do you feel is the happiest with their appearance at the club?

 JH: I’d have to say Moz (Hamish Morris) might be the happiest with his appearance at the club. He’s had a great tanning season and it shows.

 QH: If we’re down by 5 points on the weekend and the siren goes – who would you pick to take the shot at goal to win the match?

 JH: I think you can’t go wrong with ball in Chopper or Gossy’s hands for that shot on the siren. Can I pick two?

 QH: Say something horrific happens and you find yourself with a dead body in your backyard… Which team mate would you call first to help you get rid of it?

 JH: If something horrific happens I’m calling Jakey Williams. He’s got my back!

 QH: Switching lanes to fashion – whose caught your eye so far with their off-field flair?

 JH: Duck has caught my eye with the off-field flair. He’s always dressed to impress.

 QH: Who do you think needs a bit of help with their style?

 JH: Too many white tees and blue jeans for mine. I think Gossy and Noons (QH: Can confirm the Skipper needs some work on his fashion) have ended up matching a couple times.

 QH: Focusing on the social aspect of the club, you’ve already made a huge impact. The Friday night of pre-season camp had a different feel this year with a few beers at Simon Hunt’s humble Sorrento abode. After things finished up their how’d your night go?

 JH: Yeah, the pre-season camp was a great opportunity to get to know everyone and bond as much as possible. If it could be done, I wouldn't have slept an ounce just to spend as much time as possible with the guys.

 QH: Talk us through your experience on the bus back from Bungaree?

 JH: The bus back from Bungaree was electric. I had lost my voice being the runner for the game, and lost it again belting out classics on the way back. I couldn’t speak at work on Monday.

QH: We’ve got a huge Mayday Mayday on the cards (For anyone interested, get onto your tickets now. It’ll be a huge night! - https://www.facebook.com/events/218935928858597/) – who are you expecting a real impact from on the Boutique dance floor?

JH: Without a doubt, I expect Trigger (QH: Alex Trigar) to show us something special on the dance floor at Mayday Mayday.

QH: Finally, Helloworld are one of our fantastic sponsors and are your go to for any holidays planned – what would be your ideal next holiday?

As far as vacation goes, I think I'll be hitting Helloworld up to help plan a trip to Bali around the bye this year. I’ve always wanted to take that mid-winter, "get the heck out of this cold" trip somewhere nice like a good ol’ Aussie. Plus, I haven't been to Bali yet so it seems fitting.