QUICK HANDS: Hamish Morris

QH: Why do people refer to you as Mad Dog?

Mad Dog has caught on pretty quickly in 2017, not sure why. Matty Peric and Tommy Amad seem to think I see red a lot…not true. I’m a nice guy once you get to know me

QH: Talk us through your performance at Mad Monday post the U/19 premiership?

My Mad Monday in 2015 was very interesting. Tom Anderson spent the entire day talking to me about Harley Davidsons and other motorbikes. The only way I could get through the conversation was by sinking as many pots as possible as quickly as possible. Safe to say I didn’t make it to Station Street. Seemed like Matt Ongarato and the boys were intent on studying there anyway…they know the rest

QH: Do you spend a bulk of your time in the gym due to the number of mirrors?

Ziggy Lisk is testament to why a bloke should work out and spend time in the gym.

QH: Did you ponder a future career as a male exotic dancer during Schoolies?

Schoolies was actually pretty quiet for me, but yeah the highlight was an offer of 70 bucks an hour once I’m back in Melbourne to basically do what I usually do after a couple…take the shirt off and dance around like a roost.


QH: The great Murray Browne throws up some interesting drills. What’s your favorite so far?

Been great learning under Muzz. Five star handball cannot be beaten.

QH: We hear you regularly hit up Two’s captain Tristan Parker’s lovely girlfriend Dana for advice around how you can get yourself a girlfriend. Are you keen to settle down?

Dana if you’re reading this, I have made no progress whatsoever, more advice needed and more exposure on your Instagram please. But on settling down, it takes a bit more than a girlfriend to tame the Mad Dog.


QH: What sort of state did your lovely Mother find you in post Year 11 Footy After-Party?

Year 11 footy AP did a bit. My driveway certainly came off second best, put it that way. I have a knack for challenging immovable objects with my head. Ziggy’s old fence (RIP), The Batten’s dance floor and recently a garage wall have been the most notable victims. May have been where Mad Dog started? Next fight will be bigger than McGregor Mayweather. Opponent not yet disclosed

QH: Whose taller you or Tommy Amad?

The Sheikh of Toorak Tommy Amad claims to be 6 foot. We measured up once at his house with all the boys there to prove it. Amad stretched himself as much as he could, but couldn’t get the extra inch I have on him (beep boop).

QH: You tend to keep your wallet closed very tightly, so much so that you’d prefer not to go on a date to save the money. True or False?

The boys know that the more I save during the week, the more I let loose on the weekend. Keeping your wallet open can only lead to trouble…right Tristan? (QH: Moz prefers to save money by staying in, wearing his dressing gown) 


QH: What did a “Free Morri” mean during your Year 11 days?

Charlie Kennedy and former Old Xav gun Joe Barlow were intent on having a chat to a French girl we had living with us one night. Safe to say she’s never coming back down under and once Mum and Dad found out I’d had a little soiree I was locked up at Yarra Grove for some time.

QH: You have a close friendship with team mate Mitch Parker. But this wasn’t always the case. Why?

No idea to be honest. There wasn’t enough room for two Alpha males in the Hawkins room at Xavier, so our friendship had to wait until 2015. We haven’t looked back since. One morning in 2016 the day before I went overseas a few of us thought a casual walk by the Yarra would do the relationship some good. It did. Up the Puk.