QUICK HANDS: Hamish Cullity

QH: Where does the nickname Sledge originate?

HC: I can’t disclose that. Censored information.

QH: Were you single handedly trying to bring back the mullet prior to your recent trim?

HC: Yes. Rivalled Ivan Maric’s mullet. People weren't taking me seriously though so decided to cut it. Matty Lowe has followed suit. I can’t quite put my finger on his hairdo at the moment. Lowey, if you’re reading, it needs to go!

QH: If the entire U19 VAFA class of 2016 was to run a 2km time trial, who would win?

HC: I would. Seb Knox a distant second.

QH: You claim to be a fashion icon for your generation, please explain the ‘popped collar’ look?

HC: Inspired by an Aussie hip/hop icon. Also cause all da *censored* holla

QH: You’re having a night out with friends, you realise it’s your shout. Does the phrase then action resonate with you, "I'll get the next one!" *smoke bombs*?

HC: Quick Hands has got this all wrong (Ed: We haven’t). You’d want to be shadowing me on a night out.

QH: Do you still think you're a chance to get drafted?

HC: Well if Muzz has any credibility, then I don't see why not. I’ve been working on my signature since the first practice game this year.

QH: Quick Hands thinks you ooze a Berlin/London/Punk vibe and believe you would pull off a decent Mo-hawk. Thoughts?

HC: Soon to visit both these trendy places mid-year. I’ll make sure to return to the club with this look for Quick Hands to judge for themselves. It should work…contacts in New York think so anyway.

QH: Strong rumours circulating that you were the worst barista Fergus café ever had?

HC: I’d argue otherwise…The ‘Sledge Special’- soy chai latte was certainly a hit amongst the Malvern mums. Took over the reins from James Midgley.

QH: Who has the worst fashion sense at the footy club?

HC: Tommy Amad has always been known to throw on some horror kits. Namely those bright green pants that will be on show next Saturday night (at May Day May Day tickets on sale here http://www.ticketebo.com.au/lachlan-keith/old-xavs-mayday-mayday.html - buy them. Now)

QH: You're on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" which team-mate is your life line?

HC: Hamish ‘Mad Dog’ Morris. Studying an Arts degree has been good for something…very knowledgeable indeed.

QH: Initial thoughts on playing with the seniors?

HC: Loved every minute of it. Great bunch of guys. Amazed with Tristan Parker’s ability to not draw breath at training and pre game. Can seriously talk.

QH: Which teammate are you most likely to find on the physio bench?

HC: Ed Barr is one of the softer types who spent a large part of U19s in the care of the Physios. Mitch Parker always looking for a rub as well.