It was a baptism of fire for the WOX at Xavier on Saturday as they stepped out for the first time in Premier company.

In wintry conditions on the Chapel Oval, the Red 'n Blacks were well and truly competitive until ¾ time, but found the Old Trinity opposition a bit too strong on the day.

Joe McGrath comments:

  • Our girls learned plenty from the experience and know they didn’t quite play to the best of their ability.
  • A few key players were out on the day didn’t help but overall no real excuses.

Old Xaverians   1.0-6        1.1-7     2.2-14        2.2-14

Old Trinity         1.4-10   2.9-21    4.11-35      6.13-49

Goals: A. Rhodes, E. Coffey

Best: E. Archer, G. Chester, R. Lucas