Last week, it was their straighter shooting that brought home the four points. Today, it was the Red 'n' Blacks' unwavering inaccuracy that almost certainly cost them the premiership points.

It wasn't just around the sticks, where most of the errors came from shots in less than ideal spots, but around the ground, where hand-passes went astray and foot-passes didn't land, enabling a sometimes very slick Old Melburnians to capitalise. This was particularly so in the second term, when the Dark Blues savaged an under-pressure Xavs' defence to slot home seven majors.

Game over? Not quite. While Xavs struggled withe breeze for most of the third, but took over late. They continued their dominance in the final term, getting to within eight points before steadiers from the home team put the game beyond reach.

Matt Handley was the strongest of targets again. He was provided with just six chances all day, none of them in the second or third terms, when the Xavs appeared intent to chip the ball around, ultimately either turning it over or hitting a target with a low chance of a score. When they did aim for the big fella, he didn't let his teammates down. His last term poster was his only blemish. 

Chris Margin was best and he was at his best in the final term. He broke the lines with his north-south running, kicked the ball towards the sticks and followed up to see if he could wreak more havoc. 

Jason Holmes was tireless in the ruck, while Alex Trigar held the dangerous Armstrong goalless. Matts Merlo and Margin were hard at the contest against a physically imposing OMs team. 

The stats, other than the one that decides the game, favoured the Claret and Stout, making the result all the more disappointing. Still, this is a team that despite its indifferent results, refuses to quit. There are better days ahead.

Old Melburnians    1.1-7    8.2-50    9.4-58    11.8-74
Old Xaverians    3.5-23    3.8-26    5.13-43    7.15-57

Goal Kickers: M. Handley 5, M. Margin, C. Johnston
Best Players: C. Margin, A. Trigar, M. Merlo, M. Handley, M. Margin, T. Johnston