The Menages christened the new Elsternwick Park, becoming the first Old Xaverians team to win there since the re-grassing and reconfiguration of the playing surface.

Old Melburnians led at the first change, finding the tall uprights three times in the first term, but Xavs had a big second term, sending the goal umpires for twin calicos on five occasions. They increased their lead from 15 points at the half to nineteen at the lemons, and maintained that distance at full time.

Dan Pasquariello got the nod for BOG honours, while the vetran Josh "Tooka" Hanger slotted two in a low scoring affair.

The Menages remain unbeaten and in second spot, just behind their stablemates, OX Red. They will clash in Round 8, perhaps in a finals preview.

Old Melburnians         3.0-18    4.1-25      5.1-31      8.2-50
Old Xaverians Black    1.2-8     6.4-40    7.8-50    9.15-69

Goal Kickers: J. Hanger 2, H. Cookesley, J. Bergin, D. Nash, T. Reed, M. Owen, J. Smarrelli, L. Grigg
Best Players: D. Pasquariello, J. Hanger, S. Franklyn, L. Grigg, H. Cookesley, M. Skene