Any win against St Bernard's is thoroughly earned.

Super-coach Shane Healy reports:

It was great to be back at Straddie on a glorious winter's day to host St Bernards, who’ve generally been in struggle-street this season.

More than half the team changed from Round eight and it was pretty obvious we were lacking in cohesion for most of the first half !!

We were also not helped by an early injury to Luke Bosnar and a generally listless attack on the ball.

If not for good defensive efforts from Boots, Ongarato and Norman, the deficit would’ve been greater.

St Bernards had some big bodies around the ball and we were generally struggling to win at the centre clearances unusually, which really slowed our efforts for quick forward entries.

Richards onto the ball and a lift in intensity from Nugent, Beaton and Bueno after half-time and the pendulum began to swing our way.

Silk, Cleeve, Sharkey, Dalbosco and Kennedy in his first game all began to gain some possession and our scoring opportunities trebled.

Fantasia continued to provide great service for Bishop and DeLutis and our constant forays forward helped us to a big third quarter and a good lead at the last change.

The boys from the Snakepit weren’t giving up and it was obvious that if we let the foot off their throat, they would come hard and successive goals in the final quarter had them again within touch.

Our superior fitness and hardness in the final ten minutes was really pleasing as we held them at bay and went away for a win that should’ve been larger other than for some forgettable kicking for goal.

Next up is a big game at the Plunkett v SK Gold who’ve snuck ahead of us on the ladder on percentage after some big wins recently.

It will be a great mid-season test so let’s train well on Wednesday and rise to the occasion on Saturday.

Thanks to Cainos and co for great support – Chris Sama also as always !!!

Old Xaverians Red       1.3-9     4.8-32     10.12-72     12.19-91

St Bernards                  2.3-15    5.4-34       6.7-43      9.9-63

Goal Kickers: C. Kennedy 2, W. Richards 2, T. Bergin 2, B. Dalbosco, M. Sharkey, S. Cleeve, J. Bueno, F. Nugent, F. Keramitsis
Best Players: M. Ongarato, J. Bueno, T. Bergin, J. Norman, T. Boots, F. Nugent